Which of the eight candidates should lead US Soccer?
Eric Wynalda
Steve Gans
Carlos Cordeiro
Michael Winograd
Paul Caligiuri
Kyle Martino
Kathy Carter
Hope Solo
None of the above
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Sunday November 11, 2012 5:34am

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The A-League isn't the best league but I find it to be quite entertaining. Australia and New Zealand are just great places too

Anyway, I'm watching Wellington Phoenix taking on Central Coast Mariners. Alex Smtih is starting as usual for Wellington. I like how he plays the game. He wins a ton of possession and makes some nice place.

He's the league's only American and is a heck of a nice guy. I loved it when he shut down Del Piero a month or so ago in his first game in the A-League. He was the big reason why the Phoenix won 2-0 over Sydney.

Phoenix started off the season well but have struggled in the past few games. Still, I like their chances for the playoffs.

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Tuesday November 20, 2012 5:08am

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Well, Alex shut down Del Piero in Alessandro's A-League debut.

Hopefully he'll have the chance to shut down Beckham.

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Tuesday November 20, 2012 6:51am

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Colin Kapernik > Alex Smith

Kapernik should be the 49ers starter. He tore it up tonight !

If they keep Kapernik in as the starter, the niners got a shot at going to the Superbowl


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