Which player had the best season in the European leagues for 2017-18?
Matt Miazga
Weston McKennie
Andrija Novakovich
Kenny Saief
Christian Pulisic
Timmy Chandler
Theoson-Jordan Siebatcheu
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Tuesday August 22, 2017 9:48pm

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American born Dutch Centerback, Kik Pierie, included on upcoming Holland U19 roster. 17 years old, plays for SC Heerenveen in Eredivisie. (has played 2 games thus far) He was born in Boston, but has been in dutch youth teams all throughout.

Some highlights.

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Wednesday August 23, 2017 1:20am

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CB is one of the positions that the US has a number of quality young prospects/players.
Brook (24), Zimmerman (24), Miazga (22), EPB (20), Glad (20), CCV (29)...there are others as well, but these are the 6 top prospects for 2022 & 2026.

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Wednesday January 17, 2018 10:33pm

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The Guardian just listed him as one of the to 60 under 17 players in Europe. He is now getting first team minutes with his team. This is when not having a coach hurts, while our Centerbacks are deep, you can never have enough talent.

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Wednesday January 17, 2018 11:14pm

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In my opinion, CB is wide open right now. Brooks is constantly injured, CCV is gonna be without pro minutes soon, Miazga doesn't have a stable club situation, and the rest are just prospects/potential.

Come on Kik!

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Thursday January 18, 2018 1:44am

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As much as I'd like to have every top player prospect able to represent the USMNT, choose the US it isn't going to happen. This kid has been part of the Dutch program from the get-go, so unless something significantly happens to that changes the equation he's going to stay in the Dutch pyramid.
If at some-point in the future he does decide to switch to the US system, and is of a higher quality than those already in the pool than great. Till then we need to focus on retaining players we already have in the pipeline, and go after those who are either undecided or have become surplus to requirements at other national programs.

The final stretch of the English league season is upon us, with several Americans on the verge of relegation with their teams.
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