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Tuesday March 6, 2018 3:13pm

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I wish I could find the tweet but someone tweeted out the starting rosters from MLS and how many of those starters were eligible for the US. Toronto and Seattle I believe had the most with both having 6. Portland only had 1. I know we are talking about playing youth here but for most of these clubs a majority of their youth are US players. If the US National team is going to have to rely on MLS then we are never going to get anywhere at this rate.

Now I am just guessing here without looking at data but this probably explains how CONCACAF is getting better and the teams are catching the US.

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Wednesday March 7, 2018 3:33pm

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Yes, I was looking at the starting line up for must of the games last weekend, and there were a few americans playing on each game.
Guillermo Mendez
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Thursday March 8, 2018 11:40pm

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Original post from dfw_fan


Are there any avenues for 15-16 year old players in the Argentinian/Brazilian/Uruguan leagues?
Instead of seeking EU teams, perhaps, the kids sign up with South American teams.

In those leagues, they play 17 year old prodigies regularly. They are constantly looking to develop young talent that they can sell to Europe. If there is a good veteran playing the same position, they'll sell him to make room for the young guy (if they're confident enough in him). They might even change the team's style of play to accommodate him. This is why they produce so many quality footballers and the MLS doesn't-MLS teams wouldn't dream of doing something like that, and even if they wanted to, the coaches probably wouldn't know how to do it properly because they weren't taught that way when they were players.
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Friday March 9, 2018 3:35am

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The difference between Carlton and others is he plays an attacking position on a team with South American national team quality attackers and a South American national team quality coach. He's in the right place to develop just as much as he would be somewhere else. Minutes will be hard to come by but he needs to take his chance when he gets it, just like anyone around the globe.

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Sunday December 9, 2018 6:58pm

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I posted some time back about his immaturity, and now this:

"I'm hearing that there was some kind of disciplinary issue with Andrew Carleton and that's why he wasn't at the game last night. Not sure if there are any trades in the works there. #ATLUTD"

"Surprised more #ATLUTD fans didn't notice - Carleton was out partying the night before the big match. And he posted it on his Snapchat. That's didn't go over well w/Tata, and it wouldn't have gone over well w/most other coaches, either. #MLS"

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