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I hope DC united does the right thing and sells Durkin somewhere. Because if you don't think that kid is better than Harkes already...

I feel with Him Derrick Jones Williams etc.. CAmeron's time is done. Because barring an injury

oh god please no.. we can't take any more of that..

To Brooks, Miazga, and even the Hedges Zimmerman, EPB

I think we have CB covered. Cameron was awesome, the first of the athletic big men who could play the ball on the floor. I credit Klinsy as well for that. CAmeron should ahve been ont he 2009 gold cup. HE clearly was skilled enough and probably better than Marshall adn Goodson.

The only drawback is his sudden lapses of I'm took sexy for this clearance, which oddly made it's way into Mr. No Nonsense, No Skill on the ball, not even good int eh air Goznalez...

I can see the case to have even Cameron go, but I just think he's still quality enough, the one guy above 27 who really is still good I'd say. I mean, I'd include Feilhaber, but he's played nearly literally nothing for years and years for the US.

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