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Friday August 16, 2013 7:05am

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Here is a list of free agents, that were abroad.

Sean Cunningham
mobi fehr
seth moses
matt dunn
dominic cervi

Just wondering if anyone has info on them. I think all of them were connected with the mls at some point most recently, trials or something else. Start of season is coming where will they be...?

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Friday August 16, 2013 8:43am

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Sean Cunnigham is in the united states right now looking at clubs . I heard chicago is intrested in him as a possible depth player but other then that I havent heard much of anything about him. I think he wants to find a possible place to start so I am not sure if he goes to chicago. Mobi Fehrs agent is known for making moves to japan and usa for his clients so my guess is he either stays in us or tries to catch on in japan. Seth Moses is currently in cali right now training he is undecided between going back to austria or staying in the US. Are you sure matt dunn is a free agent I thought he was still playing in serbia and I hadnt heard about him being released. Dominic cervi I am not sure he has been out of soccer for quite a while. My guess is he probably waiting to see if he can get any interest and if not he might just retire and move on to something else in life. Shame because it did look like he was about to possibly breakthorugh a couple years ago at celtic but honestly some players careers last shorter then others.

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