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Monday August 5, 2013 11:05pm

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I can see both C. Ronaldo and Chicharito joining MLS after the WC in 2018. Ronaldo wants to play in MLS and loves Los Angeles. He likely won't play in another WC after 2018 so that would be a prime time and a big last pay day to move to LA(likely) or anywhere in MLS.

Afterward, in the same summer, I can see Chicharito pulling a Dempsey. Both real good players who are loved much more on this side of the pond. Neither is a super star like Ronaldo or Messi but like Dempsey is a good player. He, like Deuce, would likely be in a similar spot on a similar team as I don't for see him with MUFC in 2018. He would also get one last big pay day and would also move to a Houston, LAG or LA2(after something is done with Chivas USA.)

Both would be great for MLS and would drive ratings and bring exposure to the league. Eurosnobs would watch for Ronaldo and the average soccer fan as he is one of the biggest stars on earth and Liga MX fans in the US would watch for Chicharito and hopefully they would stay fans of the league afterward.

I can see both moves happening in 5 years time. Like Beckham and Dempsey they would both also have a big impact on MLS.

Just my two cents, thanks for reading.

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