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Friday July 26, 2013 11:56am

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Since the other offseason boards have ben great lets look at the opposite end of the spectrum. Which players that get significint minutes with the A team (ie not fringe guys like Boyd, Corona, Parkhurst, etc) have the greatest risk of losing their spot in the starting XI and even potentially missing out on Brazil. Heres my 3 players to keep on their toes.

3) EJ- I get the sense that he probably needs to start scoring at an increasing rate for both Seattle and US. Look at the other options that've emerged. Lando, Corona, Bedoya. Through in young guys like Wooten, Wood, Johannson, Agudelo and he could go from starting critical hex qualies to not in Brazil.

2) Beasley - For similar reasons to EJ if one of those young guys (or Lando) steps up and claims the LW spot then Fab slips back to LB and Besley goes to the bench. hes then left fighting Castillo, and maybe Lichaj and Ream as versatile back up fullback. Another guy who in less than 12 months could go from critical starter and gold cup captain to not making Brazil.

1) Besler- Before everyone jumps all over this hear me out. I love Besler and think he's clearly our top option at CB and most talented in our pool (love for JAB not withstanding) Its because of how good he's looked, and how good I think he'll continue to look that he'll make the jump to Europe in the winter. Lets say he jumps to a ower mid table team in EPL similar to Cameron and Shea. If he struggles to get minutes he could quickly slide down the ladder. He potentially has an EPL starter in Cameron to take his spot, a bundesliga starter to fight for competition in JAB, and crafty veterans like Boca and Goodson who will be getting consistent minutes in the MLS. To me his situation will be the most interesting as he has the potential to chase the big money and fame of playing in EPL but it comes with a huge risk this year.

Other guys who have to watch out include Jones (USA played great without him and he's getting up their in age) Zusi (similar reasons to EJ but he can backup different positions so probably safe for Brazil even as a reserve) and Jozy (if he pulls a Hull City in Sunderland which I dont expect to happen and AJ commits and excels there could be some debate for striker). Curious what others see as potential sliders for the US

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Friday July 26, 2013 10:00pm

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If Donovan moves to the LW, I don't think the Fabian to LB is as automatic as what is being assumed. I'd give it 50/50 odds that Fabian goes to the bench and Beasley stays on at LB. Long-term I think it's more likely that Donovan goes to the RW, Fabian stays as LW and Beasley stays at LB with Zusi relegated to the bench.

Gonzo has a lot to lose. He doesn't have to worry about playing time with LA which is good but his starting spot is far from wrapped up.

Evans doesn't really count but I'd be shocked to see him as our long-term RB.

EJ has looked great up top the past two games and while I think he's our back up, if Altidore struggles with Sunderland and EJ carries his current form back to Seattle it's within the realm of possibility that he could be our starting Forward, unlikely but possible.

Jones is also at risk, especially if Cameron gets most of his playing time with Stoke as a CM.

It's going to be an interesting year.

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Saturday July 27, 2013 7:14am

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The biggest A squad player with the most to lose would be Omar. Next would probably be Beas, since I don't think he slots in at LB for a WC.

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Saturday July 27, 2013 4:59pm

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okay so lets be honest i dont think we many of us are expecting to see ej start in the WC. He will most likely be a sub for altidore if he is struggling or a sub to bring in an extra forward to try and grab a needed goal.

Then we got Beasley, who is one of my favorite players of all time, and while he has done an amazing job defensively, he is just not a defender again i see him being a back up that can come in as an offensive sub or can come play defense if there is an injury. But i want him at lb if no other defenders emerge.

I think Besler would have to make a big mistake to lose that starting CB spot, or JAB and Omar would have to play so amazing games.

Omar i hope will be on the bench with either goodson or JAB (preferably JAB starting), but he might not be up to speed internationally yet by the time of WC
My hope for the WC though is
F. Johnson Dempsey Zusi
Jones Bradley
Beasley JAB besler Chandler

donovan for Zusi
ej for Johnson
Holden late to perserve a lead for altidore and move ej up top

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