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Wednesday January 16, 2013 4:30pm

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Original post from Footyskillz

The drawn up plans for the Cosmos stadium are amazing. If that does happen no doubt it will be a draw for National team games.


I'm sure it would be a nice place to see a game. But it's not a good place for a team and going forward with such an ambitious idea for a stadium without any kind of plan for the team to play anything other than lower division soccer is insane.

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Wednesday January 16, 2013 6:25pm

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This has become a power struggle between MLS and the Cosmos. One will have to break. MLS wants a team in flushing and it looks like they have a deal in the back in place(not being the Cosmos.) So the Cosmos force their hand and build a stadium 10 minutes away. If this gets passed the MLS is coerced into the Cosmos plans. The problem is transporation to the stadium form NYC with no rail. But,imo, that is over rated as 90% of Queens can travel to this stadium within 20 minutes. I can see them doing really well with a winning brand, the Flushing site is still the best though. But the Cosmos are serious, I can tell you that. This has become a race.

"We have a soccer-specific stadium, So surely they'd have to be delighted, wouldn't they?" #NYCosmos O'Brien on #MLS

This is going to be an MLS stadium, dont kid yourself. They wont invest 400 mil into the NASL. They are a smart ownership group with a smart Eric Stover in charge. This is MLS but the Cosmos are forcing their way in.

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Thursday January 17, 2013 2:20am

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Awesome looking stadium! The NASL seems to be kicking ass right now; the Cosmos, the new team in Nor-VA, and now Indy.

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