Which player had the best season in the European leagues for 2017-18?
Matt Miazga
Weston McKennie
Andrija Novakovich
Kenny Saief
Christian Pulisic
Timmy Chandler
Theoson-Jordan Siebatcheu
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Friday June 28, 2013 4:55pm

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Good move for San Jose and Goodson.

I think this is the first of a few older USMNT players that head back to the US and MLS in the next few years.

I have a feeling we will see both Gooch and Boca back soon.

I could see Dolo coming back in 2014.

And I could definitely see Dempsey back by 2015.

Oh and Jermaine Jones has stated a desire to come to MLS as well. I could see that happening after the 2014 WC.

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Saturday June 29, 2013 3:49am

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Yeah Gooch and Boca should be back in the MLS soon.

Sporting should do a trade plus cash for Gonzo haha..

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Saturday June 29, 2013 7:28am

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San Jose looks to have a veryy good CB pairing now. Goodson and Bernárdez, look out!

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Sunday June 30, 2013 6:08pm

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Having Gooch Goodson Boca and Dolo in MLS would only increase quality in the MLS. It would also have them playing regular minutes which they all need atm. It would increase out depth for the USMNT. Its only a win win win situation and seeing as the 2 starter CBs (Gonzalez and Besler) for the USMNT are in MLS its not as nerve racking as it used to be since MLS is getting more competitive every year. Defending talent produced by MLS isnt yet on par with international but it is creditable to be able to survive with MLS defense. And at least we dont give up early goals like in WC 2010

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Monday July 8, 2013 4:50am

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Very happy to see Goodson brought in. Hopefully the Quakes can resign Bernardez. They would form an interesting combo, classic opposites. Goodson is a calm organizer and Big Vic tends to run hot and roam. My only concern is Goodson is the slower of the two and he'll most likely be shading behind Bernardez.

For the life of me I don't know why the Quakes didn't add another solid experienced CB to pair with Bernardez prior to this season, especially after the 3 goals in 19 minutes Hernandez/Opara debacle knocked us out of the playoffs last year. It should have been priority number one, the missing piece of the puzzle, a massive glaring weakness. They finally go ahead and do it, but we've lost Yallop and the season is in shambles...what a waste.

The final stretch of the English league season is upon us, with several Americans on the verge of relegation with their teams.
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