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Thursday June 27, 2013 2:05am

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DC United beat down New England 3-1.

Pontius really starting to round back into form gets his second goal in as many games. Possibly putting himself in contention for that Bosnia Friendly.

Another young talented CB to keep an eye on is Connor Shanosky of DC United. Has Height at 6'4", good speed, and is very comfortable on the ball due to him being a CM in DC's Academy.

Chicago lead Orlando City 1-0.

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Thursday June 27, 2013 2:39am

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Dallas lead Portland 1-0. Zimmerman is starting at LCB.

I will start a discussion about the emerging, young, and talented American CB's in MLS later on tonight.

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Thursday June 27, 2013 3:36am

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Mike Magee scored for the Fire. He's scored in every game since he moved to Chicago.
Def worthy of a callup. But not sure he'd make it even if he was on the prelim roster.

Tony Beltran scored for RSL. Hope to see him on the roster tomorrow.

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Thursday June 27, 2013 4:30am

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Semi-finals are set:

Chicago V DC
RSL V Portalnd

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Thursday June 27, 2013 2:45pm

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So Dallas looked the better team for the first 35-40 minutes and got a goal for their efforts, but Portland refused to give up, probably out of sheer delirium from such a packed schedule, and began to turn the tide late in the first half. First Portland goal was a great individual effort from Nagbe, beat Jacobson on the dribble and made it past Loyd to 5-hole Seitz for the equalizer. Not two minutes later, Dallas is caught on the break and Valeri is away and coolly sidefooted past Seitz for the lead.

Brace yourselves everyone...I know everyone around here has been really high on Zimm and his u20 snub, but his howler of a backpass was the deciding factor of this game, on paper...kinda...theoretically...more or less.

Here's why it wasn't that big of a deal:

- dude is 20, it's his first season, and a lot of people are talking about him right now, the whole team was in a no-hustle funk (see Jacobson RE: Nagbe goal)

2. Seitz vs. Fernandez
- Ferndog has no qualms about coming off his line early and often, and if he were playing at the time, he wouldn't have been standing nearly as far back as Seitz was. While Seitz is a good shot stopper, he can't get down as fast as Fernandez and all three of the goals scored were on the ground.

3. You always remember the scars
- He's feeling all of the guilt in the world right now, this is the first QF in the USOC we've seen in a while (at least this time we went out to MLS opposition) and we had a good chance to make it into the final against RSL. The sting of this loss and his role in the 3rd Portland goal will prove to be a turning point for him. Immediately after his blunder he started pushing the pace and getting forward and, if a few players had made better decisions at key times, we would have been able to equalize.

Heartbreaker off the post from Ferreira at the death, just couldn't get the spin he wanted on it or it'd have curled into the side netting. Ricketts was frozen and my heart stopped from the time the ball left David's foot to the time he hit the post...

Real shame that we had to take a nap from the 40th through the 70th, if we had maintained the possession a little better or were able to track back better during that time, neither of the first two goals would have been scored. The problem was that we didn't really settle down in the first part of the game to start to beat Portland back into their own half, and then we scored. What came next is a matter of debate, but I'm convinced that either Dallas got a boost from the goal and were able to do a bit better for the next 20-25 minutes, or if Portland hung back in order to lull Dallas into a false sense of security...but around the 35-40 minute mark they started really high pressure on the ball and forced a lot of turnovers and bad passes, culminating in the two rapid fire goals about 15 minutes after the restart.

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