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Sunday July 7, 2013 3:27am

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I still think Castillo starts aginst Belize at LW, but now we have a true attacking difference maker coming off of the bench. My guess Shea will be starting by the the third group stage game against Costa Rica.

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Sunday July 7, 2013 3:44am

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Shea is the logical choice to replace Gatt. I assume Stoke is in agreement with the roster move.

Shea won't start against Belize. He's not ready to go 90 minutes. I doubt Holden is ready either. But both will benefit from the GC training, and may be ready for a starting role later in the tourney. We'll see two of Corona, Bedoya, and Castillo starting on the wings in the opener. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mix paired with Beckerman on Tuesday, unless Stu can put in a solid 60+ minutes.

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Sunday July 7, 2013 3:46am

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We got shea in the roster but at a cost

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Sunday July 7, 2013 3:51am

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Kinda wanted to see shea earn LW spot at stoke first...oh well I dont mind watching him play for the US.

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Sunday July 7, 2013 4:14am

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Original post from MSantoine

Per CONCACAF every team can change 3 people from the 35 man provisional roster. Hopefully JK at least takes Wood and Boca (or Ashe) in addition to Gatt as theres no point in keeping them on the 35 man roster if they arent going to play. Swapping them for guys like John, Hedges, Agudelo, or Gyau makes sense

Sweet well klinsmann should deffinetly make some moves especially at centerback. He should take off boca and wood and add john, and okugo. That way our centerbacks added could be okugo and john for the knockout rounds rather then putting in gonzalez and besler since the mls isnt keen on letting in previous mls call ups in qualifiers be able to go to the gold cup. I like agudelo and magee but I think our centerback position is the position we should focus on when we name replacements for the knockout rounds. Is there any stipulations as to whether the players have to be injured or can we swap healthy players on the 35 man provisonal roster if that is the case deffinetly take boca and wood out of the equation.

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Sunday July 7, 2013 4:19am

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Original post from 2tone

Shea is better. Shea destroyed Gatt last year in training. I like Gatt but people have to much of an infatuation with the legend surrounding Gatt.

But he's really really really fast!

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Sunday July 7, 2013 4:23am

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Original post from Mojofc


That's ideal, but park out wide and gooch in the center. I don't know how klinsmann can say "Beltran is a special talent" but not even have him dress against Guatemala.

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Sunday July 7, 2013 4:40am

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Original post from guato-dany

We got shea in the roster but at a cost

I dunno. It could go either way. You could argue that playing alot of quality and COMPETITIVE mins in the Gold Cup, before the EPL season starts, could help him comparatively to other stoke players and there easy goin preseason friendlies.

However, at most we'll have him until the end of July so he'll have a little over half a month for Hughes to get a look at him and for him to work with Stoke teammates before the start of the EPL season.

We shall see shant we.

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Sunday July 7, 2013 4:57am

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I think Beckerman starts for sure just cause klinsy likes him and I don't think Holden or Shea start, neither are likely to be ready to go 90 and coaches don't like to start a guy they know they'll have to sub.

I think Diskeruud deserves the start as does Bedoya, could see a number of players on the left but I'd prefer Corona get another chance over Castillo who I wasn't impressed with at all.

I figure same back 4 will play as much as possible through the group rounds.

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Sunday July 7, 2013 5:12am

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- rimando looked shaky to me
- goodson/gooch shaky as well (but wont be tested much)
- beltran for parkhurst
- torres lets yet another opportunity go to waste (10th start under JK)
- castillo - why does JK INSIST on playing guys out of position at the wide mid spots?


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Sunday July 7, 2013 6:18am

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seems like pontius has been added the the remaining 12 men list. With that in mind Gatt wont be in GC at all

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Sunday July 7, 2013 7:25am

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Am I the only one who was concerned by what I saw from Rimando. He looked so awkward/short/uncomfortable. He was playing the ball at his feet too much. I understand that JK wants to find a 3rd goalkeeper for the WC in 2014 but let's be honest, the 3rd GK won't see any action at all. So why not start Hamid or Sean Johnson? If Rimando stays in goal we should be nervous with any lead that is less than 3 goals.

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Sunday July 7, 2013 7:38am

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Anyone remember what game Rimando kicked the ball through the oncoming opponents legs?

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Sunday July 7, 2013 7:40am

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Original post from rainORshine


I really just don't see how anything besides this will be as effective.

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Sunday July 7, 2013 2:26pm

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Think of the player rotation JK needs to implement for this compressed schedule. Does everyone play every minute of every game? I think not. Some players may need a break, and others are not ready for a full 90 minute game.

Shea is not ready for 90 minutes. I question whether JK and the training staff believe Holden can provide 90 minutes throughout the tournament. I would think with Belize and Cuba up first, we should get by those two and qualify for the knockout round without burning out the top players.

We're fortunate to have a solid core of MFs, so I'd expect a rotation to be implemented. Since our opponents will bunker down, the wings will be key. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few variations in MF.

One would also think the top defenders, all of whom are veterans, may need a break also. Onyewu is over 30 years old, for instance.

The best players may not start each game, not for a compressed gtournament played in July.

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