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Friday June 14, 2013 12:48am

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Guido think he should be called for U-20 WC squad
What do you think? I always thought he was among the best we have.


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Friday June 14, 2013 12:50am

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It's tough having Gil and Joya to pull the strings. Doesn't he basically play the same position?

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Friday June 14, 2013 1:24am

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I have to admit that MLS does an unbelievably good job of covering other leagues with their American Export section.

There's also articles on there about both Bornstein and Gooch potentially coming back to the MLS, although both would like to stay abroad if possible.

Gooch wants to go to DC United but would have to follow the allocation process. The allocation process is ridiculous and keeps the MLS behind other leagues in the world. If a guy like Gooch wants to return to the MLS that's a huge addition for the league irrespective of where he plays. If he wants to go to DC United and DC United want him, why shouldn't they be able to negotiate amongst themselves. If I were Gooch, I wouldn't come back to a situation whereby you don't know where you'll be playing, I'd rather stay abroad where I have some control. Stupid policy.

And on that note, I just hijacked your thread. I am done with this rant and I apologize for taking us off topic.

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Friday June 14, 2013 2:08am

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I was always impressed with Guido and am not sure why he didn't get more of a look, granted the Joya, Gil reference is a good point but I thought he would have gotten more of a chance to prove himself than he did. Maybe its similar to what is going on with Junior Flores, super talent but could be something else going on there as to why they aren't getting as much playing time as they used to. Both were focal points for their teams just a year ago and now neither are playing regularly for their age group.

Disappointment can be a great motivator though and I'll bet we haven't heard the last of Guido. There is tons of time for him to get better and prove Ramos made a mistake, this is why so many U-20 teams don't end up with the future full national team members as so much can happen between now and when they are fully matured players.

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Friday June 14, 2013 3:09am

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Being called up or not called up for youth national teams has no bearing on future call-ups to the Senior National team.

If he keeps his head down and works hard and becomes a first team player for Tijuana then he will probably get a chance for the national team in the future.

With that being said he isn't an upgrade over either Joya or Gil for the U-20's.

Ramos made his decision on players.

Guido is not the first nor the last player that will not get called up to a US U-20 WC team that could go on to rep the US senior national team.

I can count on two hands the players from the last two U-20 WC teams 2009, 2007 that have gone on to get cap(s) for the senior national team. Those players are:

Bradley, Altidore, Adu, Diskerud, Shea, Beltran, Szetela, Zizzo, Sean Johnson, and Rogers. I don't consider Gale Agbossoumondes 89th minute appearance against South Africa in the fall of 2010 a cap.

With only Bradley, Altidore, Shea, Adu, Rogers, Diskerud, Szetela, and Sean John getting 3 or more caps.

With only Bradley, Altidore, Adu, Shea, and Rogers getting more than 15 caps. That's only 5 players from the last two U-20 WC teams that have been involved with the US senior team in an extended capacity. Only 5 players people.

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