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Wednesday May 1, 2013 12:20am

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I mean people on here argue all of the time that the US program should produce their own talent. Well with Yedlin and others in MLS teams it looks like they are producing talent at RB.

The US had no part in developing Henley.

So which is it: develop are own players and give them opportunities to play and shine, or continue going after dual nationals?

Now if Henley is adament about repping the US then so be it, but does the US program really need to go after him?

I have no problems with the US bringing in Henley if that is what "he" really wants.

I have no problems with bringing in any dual nationals if that is that dual nationals preference.

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Wednesday May 1, 2013 1:57am

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As long as no promises are made, or cap tying games are played I don't think it ever hurts. If jk or Ramos think Henley would help their team then bring him in. Just like with brooks. If jk s thinks he is a top 3 option at cb then bring him in. I just don't think we want to start doing 90' sub appearances to cap tie a young prospect. That would turn off future dual nationals. But if we are upfront and don't screw these guys over I'm all for anyone.

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Wednesday May 1, 2013 2:11am

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Well, Henley would be cap tied just by filing a switch, not even by playing. He would need to file a switch just to play in an official youth competition or usmnt friendly.

But you're right, no promises to duals who switch. All they get is a fair shot. Sometimes it works (Fabian Johnson, Jermaime Jones, Edgar Castillo) or sometimes it doesn't (Teal Bunbury or Aaron Maund). All filed for the switch which tied them.

I'd love to have Henley but if Yedlin beats him out, then he doesn't play.

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Saturday February 28, 2015 7:34pm

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Looks like Payne is going to get his second straight start for Groningen tomorrow. He is lining up to start at LB.

Yeah I hope to see Ramos get this guy into the U-20 fold. Moore and Requejo were quite good in the CONCACAF tournament, but having a player like Payne already getting first team minutes for his club will bolster an already very good U-20 defense.

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