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Thursday April 25, 2013 10:09pm

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Original post from richieJkulesaNY

Im tired of listening to JK. Keeps saying one thing, then does something completely different. Who knows who will be on this GC team.

The best quote I have ever read on this website !

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Friday April 26, 2013 4:08am

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If Juergen isn't going to take his A team to the Gold Cup and wants to limit the amount of May-July callups, then I am on the fence as to how I feel about players like Corona being called up in May/June.

On the one hand he isn't likely to play in May/June so I would much rather see him in a meaningful role getting regular minutes in the gold cup than wath him sit on the bench during the WCQs. On the other hand, five games is a lot and injuries, yellow cards and poor performances will happen. Not taking our best players to three WCQs so that they can be saved for the Gold Cup is unthinkable.

Tough one, I would like to see players like Corona make the May-July journey.

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Friday April 26, 2013 12:58pm

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Original post from MSantoine

JK came out and pretty much said the gold cup roster would be mostly MLS and Scandanavian league players (aka Camp cupcake playerpool). He said the only MX or Euro guys he could see being there are guys he brings to May/June, but thats asking a lot for those players. He also specifically said he will not take age into consideration and will take those that he feels give them the best chance to win. With that said it looks like guys like Shea, Corona, Fiscal, Castillo, COB, Taylor have a good chance of not being on the gold cup roster and we're more likely to see guys like Morrow, Beltran, Wondo, Beckerman. Thoughts?Opionions?

I don't get it either.. there's no reason we can't win the gold cup with the younger roster of Shea, Corona, Fiscal, Castillo, COB, Taylor + guys like Holden, adu, ect.

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