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Tuesday April 30, 2013 8:10pm

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and whats worse it the owner valued Chivas usa at $200 million

LOL - loser

You can buy an expansion for $100 million

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Saturday May 18, 2013 5:56pm

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A recent report from an analyst of ticket sales at chivas usa reported on an article in la opinion that the past 2 games no tickets were sold, that all people there got in for free... And whats amazing is that even for a free game, they still dont have many fans.. still lowest attendance in mls... I just wish mls could get rid of them... Ad if you buy a tix is 10$ and comes with a free meal..(the meal alone is like 15$ at any stadium).. There is something seriously wrong with them, I think they are the worsest franchise in american pro sports history...

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Friday May 31, 2013 12:48am

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As almost everyone knows chelis stepped down.. also chivas usa are getting sued by 2 former employees for discrimination... They got fired because they werent hispanic and dint speak spanish... So i am positive chelis stepped down because he knew he would face some legal troubles... This franchise is an absolute disaster... They are holding mls back, mls has to get rid of them asap, relocate, rebrand them.. They are the biggest failure, joke in american sports history...

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Friday May 31, 2013 1:12pm

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Yeah, they need to go. Or get a new owner. I kinda think it's cool that the Mexican team only has Mexican players, but I don't think that kinda crap can work in the US.

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Monday July 1, 2013 4:58am

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And the plot thickens for chivas usa parting ways with casillas, bolanos, courtois, and vaszquez and only adding one player on loan from chivas de guadajara who else. Should no longer have a franchise its becoming more and more clear that guadajara views chivas simply as their feeder club to take top prospects from chivas and loan young players to. This is absoloutley unacceptable and mls must not allow this because it could really start to damage the reputation of mls when compared to liga mx. Whats even worse is now chivas is getting rid of players simply to save on cap they arent even trying to compete in mls anymore just a disgraceful sports franchise. Time for mls to get a new franchise in LA or to relocate because chivas might burn the bridges of a lot of potential future la sports fans. I feel bad for the five people who are still chivas fans.

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Monday July 1, 2013 5:18am

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If they wanted to go after one type of player, make it young untested prospects of all races and become somewhat of a talent factory... something everyone could get behind if they wanted. LA would be a great place to get that going. The galaxy are beating them to it at this point though.

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Wednesday July 24, 2013 9:20pm

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Is amazing how much turmoil there is in the chivas usa organization.. They should get sued for several millions by former players, employees for discrimination. I predict that they wont be in the league next year due to sanctions, banned or suspensions. Mls will get rid of them very very soon.

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Wednesday July 24, 2013 10:52pm

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Ives reported that HBO Real Sports will be airing a segment about their racism charges.

I think that the Chivas USA brand is tainted in failure and racism and actually hurts the incredibly strong Chivas Guadalajara brand (except most Mexicans I meet don't even know that Chivas has an offshoot in the MLS). They should be rebranded no matter what even if the ownership doesnt change.

Seriously, Houston 1836 had to be rebranded because the city's founding in 1836 happened to be the same year of the Texas war of independence and some ethnic Mexicans found it insensitive because Mexicans died in the war. This is a historic event! It would be the exact same situation if the Philadelphia 76ers had to change their name because Brits were offended that British soldiers died during the American war of independence!!!!!

So if Houston 1836 had to change its name for a historic event almost 200 years ago that involved different ethnicities then the axe better come down hard on Chivas USA who engaged in racist behavior as a soccer club in 2012-2013!

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Wednesday January 29, 2014 11:15pm

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They signed Bofo.

If he comes in in shape, that's a good start.

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