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Wednesday May 15, 2013 5:23pm

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Yeah Fox sports uses that theme song for all sports now; not just for the NFL.

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Friday May 24, 2013 2:24am

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Castillo and Tijuana having a very good first half. Castillo has pretty much locked down his left side.

Tijuana up 1-0 on Atletico Mineiro.

Corona is on the bench.

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Friday May 24, 2013 2:39am

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Yes he has been great... Would not mind seeing him starting at lb, fj at left wing... Im sure corona will get his game time...

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Friday May 24, 2013 3:29am

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Tijuana just gave up a two goal lead with absolute defensive howlers.

Castillo still played a great game none of the defensive blunders were his fault.

Still not sold on Joe Corona. Everytime I see him play he seems very average.

Inland empire
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Friday May 24, 2013 3:41am

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Joe Corona is a good player. Whom else plays with good touch of the ball and has vision?
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Friday May 24, 2013 3:44am

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Saw the whole game, as.well as the boca game... What a disater for xolos... Giving up a last min goal... Is pretty much over... their done... Corona idk i still wouldnt mind seeing him off the bench...

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Friday May 24, 2013 4:11am

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Wouldnt mind either, castillo left wing , fj lb.. Or the opposite... Their both good going up,.although castillo is a better dribler... But i wanna see both of them in the field....

Loche Achles
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Friday May 24, 2013 2:18pm

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For those who didn't happen to see the game... Castillo was a monster, plain and simple. He stood out on the field and I don't mean that lightly. Their defense was struggling every ten minutes to keep him from butchering their box. And on defense he was solid; great tackles. Honestly with the way he's played the last year and a half I wouldn't be surprised if teams came calling.

I was not a fan of Castillo back in the day and I was a harsh critic, but he has evolved so much over the past year I have to give him his dues... Guy has really turned it around.

Him at LB and Fabian at LW would be a left-side of epic proportions. This would be the happiest line-up change for me personally from Klinsy.

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Friday May 31, 2013 3:58am

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Tijuana knocked out. Miniero's goal keeper saves a last minute PK. Horribly taken PK by the Tijuana player though to lose the series.

Good thing Castillo again was very very good. I do think he should be the starting LB for the USMNT.

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Friday May 31, 2013 4:00am

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Wow Atletic Minerio lucked out.. really i doubt the keeper knew he was gonna save it with his leg. Tijuana were legit to win the whole thing but what can you do the best dont win. Good job Castillo and Corona for that past games and effort now time to show us what you have learned in the MNT field.

Speed Elf
El Paso
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Friday May 31, 2013 2:44pm

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Minerio did luck out. That game was fantastic. Beginning to end, back and forth, hard fought game by both teams. I thought the Xolos would be tired in the end, they were not. They kept the pressure on Minerio until the 80th minute then kicked it up to overdrive! What a great last ten minutes! My oldest boy and I kept falling off our seats watching the Xolos push for the game winner.
Castillo was solid in the back, even though he did get beat at least three times. The most dangerous was the first one where the Minerio player got off a great cross that nobody put in the back of the net. Otherwise, he recovered well and got the pressure on the player afterwards as needed. He was a vital part of Xolos attack on the left side. His game has improved 100% since deciding to be a USMNT player. Yes he is slight of frame, however, he has really learned how to draw the foul because of this perceived weakness. I have watched him a lot this season in the Copa Libertadores and Mexican league games, he is the real deal folks. After watching him in February, I was calling for him to be the starting LFB with Fabian Johnson moved up to LW. Or, vice versa as both players can play both positions well IMHO.
It stinks he will not be able to play in the friendly against Germany, as I believe he will not get back until Saturday late in the evening. It would have been nice for Castillo and Fabian to get at lest 45 minutes playing together. Both should start against Jamaica.
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Wednesday March 7, 2018 3:57am

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Joe Benny with an absolute cracker.

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