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Thursday December 6, 2012 9:45pm

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Why do none of the eastern european nations, romania, ukraine, slovakia, serbia, greece, turkey seem to sign US players? They also don't seem to sign much if any english, french, spanish, italian players. Some of these leagues do well in UCL and Europa so I know there's decent teams with decent budgets. Is it strictly a EU thing? Do those leagues prohibit western Europeans and Americans? Do the americans just choose not to go there. It cant be a language thing as Scandanavian has to be much harder than Greek for example.

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Friday December 7, 2012 1:47am

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There's been a few players over in Eastern Europe on loans or permanent deals. Adu and Altidore were both in Turkey a couple seasons ago, Loukas Tasigianis and Peter Philipakos have been in Greece recently, Dani Brkovic is in Bosnia right now, Matt Dunn is in Serbia, and Jann George is (or was in) Slovakia this season on loan from Nurnberg.

Part of it is possibly EU standing for some of the countries, and what difficulty may arise from citizenship issues, and another problem may be (without researching it, so I don't know off hand) foreign player allocation spots.
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Friday December 7, 2012 2:58am

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In the past couple years Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia has taken a ton of american youths into their world famous academy. Maybe we'll get an american Modric oneday

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Friday December 7, 2012 3:45am

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@Pub thanks for the players. I forgot about Foreign player allocation. I though most leagues got rid of that but can see stubborn eastern europe keeping it

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Friday December 7, 2012 4:47pm

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Alright, I did some research. Ukraine does have allocation limits. They can only have seven foreign players on the roster, and each one comes with a $15,000 fee.

Turkey appears to allow eight foreign players per team.

Russia allows teams to have six, soon to be seven, foreign players to be on the field at any one time. I'm not sure if the rule extends to the entire roster though.

Greece allows five foreign players per team. Considering the rise of extreme nationalism and anti-immigration opinions over there in the past couple years, I won't be surprised if this rule is modified to make it even stricter somehow.

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