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Monday April 5, 2021 5:14pm

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Original post from chris_thebassplayer

Long, Yueill and Lletget will be in the mix all the way to the final cuts for the WC...and I'll bet at least 2 make the final roster... probably Long and Yueill.
This is likely correct.

Long will be in the mix til the very end. Lletget is still seeming to be a bubble guy in the 23. Yueill too, but Yueill is proving to be a serviceable backup 6 option.

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Monday April 5, 2021 5:23pm

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Original post from Dave

Yesterday the folks at ESPN dropped their latest version of their USMNT 2022 WC squad. I held off commenting on it because I had to be sure that it wasn't their attempt at an April Fools joke. Apparently wasn't a joke, even if some of their selections are laughable.
1-9 were the usual suspects
1) Pulisic, 2) Brooks, 3) McKennie, 4) Adams, 5) Steffen, 6) Dest, 7) Reyna, 8) Musah,
9) Sargent
# 10 & # 11 should probably be on the list, but to rank them so highly is where things start going off the rails for me....especially who they have at # 21.
10) Long, 11) Miazga
# 12 is where I started questioning if their 23 was a practical joke...especially when you read their write up
12) Zardes: "If there's a forward in this player pool who is intimately familiar with the intricacies of Berhaulter's system, it's Zardes. The 29 year old scored 19 goals in his sole season in Columbus under the now US Boss, and possesses the mobility and nose for goal that would make him a trustworthy reserve in Qatar." While the facts of his accomplishments under Gregg may be accurate there is No way that he should be this high up the list. IMO he should be a reserve at best...especially considering some of the other names left to be listed...
13) Cannon, 14) Weah, 15) Horvath, 16) A. Robinson, 17) Yueill
Yueill is a bit of a stretch for me, but I can also understand that selection considering how badley the other U-23's performed.
18) Reynolds, 19) Dike, 20) Lletget, 21) Richards
How they have Richards (a Bundasliga starter) so far down the pecking order of CB's is beyond me.
22) Matt Turner, 23) Jordan Morris.
The Alternates is where the BS gets really deep and questionable:
1) Jozy Altidor, 2) Brenden Aaronson, 3) Walker Zimmerman, 4) Paul Arriola,
5) Nicolas Gioachini
Why ESPN believes that the team needs 3 CF's (Sargent, Zardes, & Dike) is beyond reason. Especially when Weah & Morris could also used as CFs if needed.
How one of the hottest players in the pool (Aaronson) is in the alternates boggles the mind. Arriola's inclusion is also laughable considering the other wingers we have in the pool.
I'm going to go ahead and say 3 STs really might be too few. 3 or 4 should be needed.

Remember 2014? We had Jozy, Johannsson, and Wondo. Jozy pulled up in the first half of the first game. ArJo injured his ankle. We all know Wondo...

Dempsey wasn't supposed to be our ST, he was intended to play in the hole behind, but because of injuries and whatnot, we got put in a less than advantageous position and moved him up the field.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Hopefully this time around, our best is better than a Wondo blown chance. 3 STs is fair... and if it were me, I'm taking 4.

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Monday April 5, 2021 5:31pm

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Also, hot take... the pool is getting more competitive at ST. That being said...

Bobby Wood's move to RSL could low key the end up being a huge move for him. He's still only 28. Hes not played much in a while so he hasn't been running his body down.

He has refused to move for the last couple of years because he was getting paid (I fully understand and support his decision, gotta make that money while you can and he has been on 3-4mil a year... he wouldn't get that anywhere else).

If he is able to come back to MLS and get into a hot run of form over the next 12 to 18 months, he can conceivably push himself into consideration for that final roster. Kind of like Hercules Gomez in 2010. So Wood rotting away in Germany could quite possibly turn out to be one of the smartest moves he could have ever made...

Not saying it will happen, just to keep an eye on what he does and not count him out just yet. If Wood puts up similar numbers to Zardes, I'd take Bobby over Gyasi.

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