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Thursday December 31, 2020 2:54pm

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I don't think the conversation is Dest or Robinson.

The question is is Cannon even a national team player with the reemergence of Dre Yedlin?

And I've seen Vines and Gasper, they don't have it
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Thursday December 31, 2020 3:13pm

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Original post from bjelks

I don't think the conversation is Dest or Robinson.

The question is is Cannon even a national team player with the reemergence of Dre Yedlin?

And I've seen Vines and Gasper, they don't have it

I can agree Gasper isn't the answer. Vines might be a place holder but may be pushed out. I don't think Yedlin is the answer at all. He might be getting playing time to rest first choice starters or increase January transfer value more will be known at the end of the transfer window.

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Friday January 1, 2021 1:14am

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Original post from hamsamwich

This is what's going to happen as we move into the future. Good players on the bench or not selected. I've been a proponent of Dest on the left as it enables passing triangles with him, Pulisic and hopefully Reyna gets put in the middle. Of course I'd rather have Dest on the right but these guys Vines, Bello, Gloster, Kobe- they need to make that left back spot theirs. Until then I think we see more of Dest than Robinson.

Reynolds being 6'3" is also an added bonus on set pieces.

We all knew that eventually we'd get to the point where good players would be left off a WC Roster. Currently The LB position just isn't a position that there are many good options.
Bello, Vines, Gloster, Kobe, & Gasper are all behind the Right Back counterparts at the moment. Until at least 1 of them advances to at least rival A. Robinson we'll have to continue to look at Dest as the possible LB.....Even if we'd prefer Dest be our starting RB.

Dest is the far & away the best option to start at either RB or LB.
Robinson/Yedlin/Cannon are all fairly equal. Each have deficiencies, but all are good enough to start at their respective position (at least through qualification).
Reynolds for me is an unknown, but if Juve & Roma are offering 9M for him there must be something there.
Kobe - was highly thought of, but hasn't made a 1st team appearance yet.
Bello, Vines, Gloster, Araujo, Gasper, & Duncan are all basically at the same level...but behind those listed above. There's the chance one of them could catch fire and Jump into the discussion, but I just don't see it at the moment.
If Reynolds get bought and does become a starter in Italy than the push to have Dest as the starting LB will make more since...especially if Fulham drops back to the championship in England.

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Friday January 1, 2021 2:54am

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I guess what I'm saying is for years we used to sweat how Bedoya and the crew were at Rangers. Or how Jozy tore it up at AZ. Bob Wood getting minutes for Hamburg was the holy grail.

I'm saying nowadays that the club pedigree is at a whole other level. I personally don't see much of a difference of Yedlin, Robinson, or Cannon if they are just playing defense. I watched a lot of Crew-Fire games and for the most part Gregg always had his outside backs playing high, getting into the attack. If a player isn't that type of guy, I don't think Gregg will rate them long term beyond maybe getting individual results in a particular game we need to defend. If a guy isn't playing high level attacking soccer I think it will only be a lack of options (see Robinson or Sargent) that will keep that guy in the lineup. Reynolds making this potential move would give him a platform next year to attack and show what he can do. On the left I'm waiting for Kobe to come good. Second to him, George Bello. Darkhorse- Johnathan Gomez. Consistent player I rate higher than some of you guys- Sam vines. Not sure what's happened to Gloster at PSVzzz?

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Thursday January 21, 2021 11:44pm

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BREAKING: AS Roma are now the favorite to sign Bryan Reynolds from FC Dallas, sources tell MLSsoccer.

Not yet a done deal. Fee would be in region of $8.5 million up front, incentives for $11m total. As I've said, reports that a deal was done w/ Juventus weeks ago were premature

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