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Tuesday January 26, 2021 4:48am

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We have a lot of young Euro guys crushing it lately, and a couple fringe Euro guys making good strides at their clubs.

Here is what drives me nuts. In an interview GB said Hoppe needs to keep it up and if he does he can get a call; which, on the surface I agree with-but, that being said we have guys like Jonathon lewis, Roldon, and then a whole slew of mls guys who do not have a huge body of work in mls and they are in camp. I get the need to be consistent and prove these couple games are not a fluke but then that same standard would need to be applied to all callups it just seems like mls guys get a pass. There is no one on the US roster for Trinidad game that would be able to impact a couple Bund games like Hoppe-

I hope the kid can continue to play well-he needs work seems like he has a great attitude hopefully he can blossom for us

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