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Friday July 24, 2020 11:47pm

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Original post from Kamphgruppe

We have been saying there is a lot of talent coming though the pipe for years, well, were here now, there is so much young talent compared to what we used to get we are bursting at the seems. It might be easy to find a coach in fire years. Did anyone else see Jürgen Klopp salivating watching Pulisic tear up his team the other day?
it will definitely be an attractive job next cycle once all these talented players have enough experience. Add to that the guys born in the 01-03 years who will be just breaking through who supposedly are better than this bunch.

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Saturday July 25, 2020 1:57am

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The USSF has the tendency to extend the USMNT coach contracts beyond a single cycle. Arena, Bradley, & Klinsmann all had their contracts extended for a 2nd Cycle....even if only Bruce lead the team through 2 complete cycles, the others were still initially extended.
I have the nagging feeling that Gregg's contract will be extended. If we qualify for 2022 (which we should) USSF will say he returned the USMNT to the big stage....if for some reason we fail to qualify they've got a ready made set of excuses (extremely young squad, Covid-19, rebuilding, etc...).
If they do actually replace Gregg there are a few names I could see as a possibility:
1) Roberto Martinez - Has great experience internationally, has an attractive style of play, able to get big personalities/egos to work as a team.
2) Wagner - USMNT experience, EPL & B1 coaching experience. Knows how to squeeze the best out of even average players.
3) Marsch - On the rise....but currently lacks the splash/recognition you they may want as a Co-Host of the event.
Now if they extend Gregg's contract for the 2026 cycle then end up parting ways with him and need someone outside the usual hiring window there could be some surprise names emerge depending on who's available....
The MLS Contingent of coaches would be: Vermes, Bob Bradley, Tab & Porter
But there could also be some Big Name managers who could become very interested in the position if our current young talent continues to grow and reach the potential we hope they will. It's not totally inconceivable to think that Klopp or another major league coach wouldn't be interested in leading a team with players like Pulisic (Chelsea), Dest (Bayern), Richards (Bayern), Reyna (Man C or Liverpool), Ledezma (PSV), Weah (PSG), Adams (RedBull), etc...entering the prime of their careers.

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Saturday July 25, 2020 3:16pm

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@dave- I have to agree. I'd be shocked if they didn't extend Berhalter. The way he was hired stunk- and with the way the ussf operates, I almost couldn't see it happening another way. Especially with the extra year before he was hired, it's going to be a lot of time missed due to covid- the ussf will probably say he needs more time and deserves that chance. If the results and play don't improve after international soccer returns the pressure should build on Gregg. All that time wasted in hiring him has kind of gotten us again. Players still don't have this thing worked out and now time is running short. I wish the next coach were a sooner thing than what @Dave just said.

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