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Saturday April 11, 2020 6:56pm

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Sports Illustrated fired Grant Wahl. Its very sad to see him go. I thought he wrote some great articles, and was always very objective and always very candid and fair with his criticisms. He had access to the coaches and the players, despite being critical of them when appropriate. I'm sure he'll continue his great journalism for some other media outlet. Its just disappointing to see what has become of Sports Illustrated. In the last three years so many staff members have been laid off, and the number of issues has fallen from 52 to 17. so many other newspapers and magazines have had the same problem, as readers shift to free online news provided by non-professional writers.

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Saturday April 11, 2020 7:00pm

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Just read the story two minutes ago.. Damn though the comment from his boss:

"Everyone, that is, but one person. That person made $350,000 last year to infrequently write stories that generated little meaningful viewership or revenue."

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Saturday April 11, 2020 8:50pm

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He didn't write many articles for the published magazine - probably because of the editors decision not to publish much on soccer. He did write a lot for the website, and always had good podcasts. SI magaizine has always had tens times as much information on football, baseball and basketball as it did on soccer. But the last issue that i received last week had an interesting, lengthy article on Pulisic's first year at Chelsea, that went into a lot of detail about the challenges of being a 20 year old kid in a huge city full of fanatic fans for whom soccer is a religion, and dealing with the money, the media and the pressure. I was hoping that those kinds of articles would start to become more frequent in SI. Nearly all print magazines and newspapers have had revenue and readership declines over the past few years - maybe he should have taken the pay cut and kept quiet? Even the Washington Post was having problems was having money problems until Jeff Bezos bought it.

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Sunday April 12, 2020 1:46am

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This one we will most likely see in court. I read an article about that Wahl objected to a permanent pay reduction. I think SI has already shown bad faith by going public in the manner they did. I think people that work in the industry know the perspective of both parties.

I will look at Wahl's Pulisic story.

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Sunday April 12, 2020 5:39am

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My girls work just had to take a 20% pay reduction.. Wahl was probably being greedy and had no leverage because soccer wasn't really producing anything for SI. I feel Sports Illustrated only cares about soccer when it's a World Cup year.

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