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Thursday August 13, 2020 2:12am

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Original post from Dave

100% agree that Sargent needs to be more clinical in front of goal, but part of his challenges at the club level have been his lack of supporting cast. I'd like to see what he's like with what should be a higher grade of players that he'd have with the USMNT
A-Team. Pulisic, Reyna, & Aaronson/Holmes creating opportunities for him to finish...and McKennie & Adams helping to create turn overs in the opponents half of the field.
I'm hopeful that Ledezma will crack PSV's 1st team this season and provide another attacking option for the USMNT. But he needs to show he's capable of being a 2-way player and not just an attacking/creative threat if he's going to be in the starting XI for the USMNT. I think Ledezma is a better creative CM than Aaronson, but I was very impressed with Aaronson's defensive improvements since last season.

I have been impressed with Aaronson's vision, passing and calm under pressure. I am impressed with Ledezma's ball handling and passing but want to see him when more pressure is on him and his defense as well. I am not sure Reyna's best position also. I see him possibly being a midfielder player like Kovaic from Chelsea. What I don't know is where that leaves Weston which is an argument, I love to see because it means we have successfully built depth. Makes me wonder, if he is pushed as back-up to Adams? Because after Adams, there isn't much in the pipeline. Maybe Pomykal but I am not sold yet on him.

Back to Weston a little bit because I can see him starting based on match-ups when you need a more physical type of player and also when you want to have more from set pieces as Weston is a threat with headers more so than Ledezma and Aaronson.

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Thursday August 13, 2020 4:31am

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How have you been impressed with Aaronson under pressure, but not Ledezma who plays in one of the most storied 4-3-3s in the world?

Reyna has been compared to Kaka for his turns and long runs in the half spaces, he's so much more offensive and direct on the ball than Kovaic. Seems like you wanna force Reyna out of position to throw Aaronson on the field. Let him play at a decent level before you start giving him ballon d ‘ors.

Southhampton and Hertha think Weston is a 20mil box to box but you think he's a backup 6 lol.
Watch more soccer and listen to more than the mls staffers and you'll learn more buddy.
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