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Friday February 7, 2020 9:03pm

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For some reason lately I have found myself thinking back on the matches I remember most since I began to follow the MNT. When I thought about it, certain matches seemed to stick out more than others for different reasons and I thought it might be interesting to hear from others about what they remember best too.

I am interested in your Top 5 most memorable matches and what it is about each that sticks out for you. Not interested in the 'best' matches, or the 'greatest' moments, just the very subject criteria of your personal most memorable.

1. US - Panama 10-13-2004, Washington DC

This was a world cup qualifier and I remember struggling to find a place to view it. I was in college at the time and was able to secure a friend's living room that had cable, although none of my friends were interested in watching it with me. What keeps coming back to me about the match is Eddie Johnson earning his second cap as a substitute and promptly netting a hat trick. The match finished 6-1 for the US. The future looked bright for the young striker.

2. Italy - US 06-17-200, Kaiserslautern6

I was fortunate enough to be in Germany for the world cup, although I did not get tickets for any US matches. I watched this one at an Italian restaurant in Berlin with a fellow American and a German friend. (Funny side note. My German buddy was dating an Italian lady at the time, following this match their relationship started to get strained, by the end of the world cup they had broken up and my friend had sworn off eating pizza for 10 years). This is obviously a classic match but I remember the hostile atmosphere of the Italian supporters, literally everyone else in the restaurant except for us 3. I remember jumping up and cheering when it looked like Beasley scored to put the US ahead, but McBride was ruled offside. I got a lot of jeering for that. Game finished 1-1 draw with Italy down to 10 men and the US down to 9. Even the though the US didn't make it out of the group, it was the only team that Italy did not beat in that tournament. I had higher hopes for that group.

3. Argentina - US, 06-29-2007, Maracaibo

Group stage in the Copa America. I was living in Buenos Aires at the time and went to watch the match at a friend's place. After taking various buses across the city for an hour, I arrived a little late, but got to see Eddie Johnson get taken down from behind in the box for a penalty, which he converted to give the US a lead. I remember my Argentine friend saying, "Johnson is fast as shit. The Americans are better athletes than us, but we are better footballers. You will see, just wait." Unfortunately he was right and the match finished 4-1 for Argentina. The US lost all three of its matches in the Copa. It was depressing coming off the 2006 World Cup performance, especially since fellow invitee, Mexico, managed to win their respective group.

4. Slovenia - US, 06-18-2010, Johannesburg

World cup group stage. Coming off the draw with England it seemed that the US had a good chance at advancing to the knockout rounds. I was working overnights at the time and I remember helping convince a friend that managed a pub in town to open extra early so people had a place to gather for the match. With the world cup in South Africa, those early morning matches were proving difficult to find a place to view them. But, with the pub secured, I settled in for an up and down ride. Trailing 0-2 at the half, the US started a comeback when Donovan scored an amazing goal into the top of the net. People began to trickle into the pub, some aware of the match and others just excited it was open early, but when Bradley slide-vollied an equalizer that atmosphere became jubilant. The US should have won the match, but a late free kick from Donovan that was put home by Edu was disallowed for some reason I have yet to understand. Didn't really matter as the US went on to win their group. This was the match when it felt like the grit that the US was known for was finally being matched with an equal level of skill.

5. Ghana - US, 06-16-2014, Natal

World Cup again. I remember pretty clearly all of the US- Ghana world cup matches, but only wanted to include one on this list. This is the one that sticks out the most in my mind, probably due to the history between the sides at this point. This is also the only match in my list that I actually watched from my own home. I remember my family not quite understanding my ups and downs throughout the match, but at the end they were happy because I was happy. Dream start from Dempsey and it seemed like the US was determined to exercise the Ghana demons. Then pretty much the entire rest of the match the US was on the back foot, with cross after cross coming in to the US box. High tension. The longer this went the worse the feeling got that Ghana would again dash the US hopes, and sure enough it happened in 82 minute with an equalizer. Very deflating. But then Brooks headed home a corner and it was clear that, just like US supporters, he could hardly believe it. The opponent, the stage, and the manner of the win all made for high drama.

What do you guys remember?

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Friday February 7, 2020 9:23pm

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Good post. In terms of memorable, good and bad, no particular order.
1) 2017 loss to Trinidad in Couva, for obvious reasons. I was in our office in Senegal, 2 AM, and I threw out my jersey and started screaming at the half asleep guards when I saw that the game had gone final.
2) 2009 draw with Costa Rica at RFK. For multiple reasons, good and bad. One, I was there, the emotion in the stadium that night, the high of having just qualified in that crazy win in Honduras and the simultaneous low of Charlie Davies having had his car accident not long after. Casey blows the wide open chance in the 9th minute when we were holding Charlie's number up in his honor. Then we fall 2-0 down on two quick goals and spend the rest of the night clawing our way back. Onyewu gets hurt and we're down to 10. Then Bornstein scores the last gasp equalizer to screw over Costa Rica and ultimately knock them out.
3) Also the Ghana game in 2014. Just all that led up to it, them having knocked us out of the 2 World Cups prior, getting a third crack. Dempsey scoring almost immediately, Altidore getting hurt, us fighting through adversity and stealing the win.
4) 2009 qualifying win over Mexico. Again I was there, there was a near tornado in Columbus before the game. Bradley scores twice, that bastard Rafa Marquez gets sent off. Ton of energy in the stadium that night (was the first match of the Hex).
5) Will go way back to 1998 Gold Cup win over Brazil, just because Kasey Keller gave the best performance I've ever seen, still, by a goalkeeper.

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Sunday February 9, 2020 4:13am

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There are a number of matches that come to mind...Good & Bad. Some of the most memorable for me....
1) Dos a Cero: 2002 World Cup against Mexico in round of 16. Nothing like beating your biggest rival on the biggest stage. knocking Mexico out of the WC will always be a game to remember.
2) Ghana 2014 WC. Dempsey's opener and Brooks late winner to finally beat Ghana after facing them in the previous 2 World Cups.
3) 2002 World Cup against Portugal. Fantastic first half where we scored 3 goals (2 were class) against what was considered a WC favorite. Second half nightmare...but we held on for a monumental win.
4) 2017 loss to Trinidad in Couva. A disaster that will have long term effect on the USMNT. We still don't know all that went on, but USSF has a lot of ground to make up with the fanbase.
5) 2009 Confederations Cup against Spain. Ended Spain's unbeaten streak. Advanced the USMNT to a Cup final for the 1st time in modern history. Yes we parked the bus and countered, but was likely one of the best TEAM defensive games I've ever seen the USMNT play.
5b) 2009 draw with Costa Rica at RFK....but more for what happened afterwords. Injuries to both Charlie & Gooch effectively crushed the teams hopes for the 2010 WC. We never found a replacement for Charlie....and are still waiting on one. While Gooch made the 2010 team he was a shadow of his pre-injury self. 2010 will always be a what could have been.

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Sunday February 9, 2020 7:59am

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Hmmm making me feel old

I won't number them but will list them...

Nov 19, 1989 vs T&T - we return to the WC after Caligiuri's seeing eye volley, Sent a number of these college "kids" to greener pastures overseas and gave us a base to build upon for hosting the 1994 WC

June 21, 2009 vs Egypt - After dismal losses to Italy and Brazil, the team needed a miracle to make the semis of the Confederations Cup. With a -5 goal difference going into the final group match, the team needed a big win against an Egyptian team that beat Italy and a big Italian loss to advance out o the cellar and into second place and the semis. We won 3-0 and Italy lost 3-0 and we advanced by scoring 1 more goal than Italy. Next match was semis vs Spain.

July 14, 1995 vs Argentina - We were invited to the 1995 Copa and won handily against a world top 10 side. Goals by Klopas, Lalas, and Wynalda.

June 24, 2009 vs Spain - Not our best "footballing" match, but probably the most American way to win...gritty defense and opportunistic goal. Memorable in that I believed we stopped a long Spanish unbeaten streak of 35 matches.

June 18, 1995 vs Mexico - was at RFK to watch us dismantle Mexico 4-0. I remember a group of US fans brought signs when the Mexicans would chant "Mexico Mexico Rah Rah Rah" they would hold up there signs that said "Ha Ha Ha"