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Wednesday November 14, 2012 3:23am

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So, Hope Solo? Popping up in the news again for the wrong reasons. I know in this case she didn't technically do anything wrong, but she seems to often to be making news for stupid things she says or things she's involved in like this latest situation. At what point do these kinds of things impact her status with the national team?

PS. Not making any judgement about Solo or the choices she makes, just asking the question...

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Wednesday November 14, 2012 6:28am

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She was just a victim of domestic abuse and you're questioning whether or not her status on the National Team should be in jeopardy? You ARE making judgements and implying things left and right. This wasn't a reasonable question based off her current situation.

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Wednesday November 14, 2012 3:35pm

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Not to agree with either one of you, but the determination that he actually abused her is still up in the air. Supposedly, there were a lot of drunk people fighting and others were taken to the hospital.

For the record, I'm a personal believer that you do not strike a woman ever - the reasons to do so are few and far between and controversial to say the least.

Jerramy Stevens is a bad dude - been arrested on several occasions that cost him his NFL career. You'd hope that Solo would have better judgment, but that's another conversation entirely.

To respond, @ewalcott, I don't think this affects her spot unless condemning info on her with this situation arises - and it probably won't.
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Wednesday November 14, 2012 4:25pm

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I completely agree with CBoyd that nobody should strike a woman ever, and I think its terrible that this may have happened to Solo. My comment was more on the general situation, drunk people not cooperating with cops, a stun gun, etc.

Also, I'm not saying it should affect her status on the national team, just noting that she seems to be the only one who ever makes news for non-soccer reasons.

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