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Sunday October 6, 2019 4:21pm

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All he can do is his best and hope the manager rewards him with time.

He must be doing alright because his presence has certainly has lit a fire under Willian who used to coast but now has to play his best to get minutes. This will also make Pulisic a better player having such high caliber competition.

I also applaud Pulisic for not trying to do too much to score to catch the managers eye.

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Monday October 7, 2019 3:56am

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Pulisic did well. Watching the game Mason Mount is more lucky than good. I think three touches the entire game. Yes, he scored but he should've had too.

But MM is from England playing in England. It is reasonable to expect some bias. And Pulisic prefers assist to scoring.

Willian is playing his ass off because this year he has the chance for his last big contract. Even before CP Willian was quality.

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