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Wednesday January 20, 2021 4:53am

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I don't think our core is going to play gold cup I'll disagree there. I don't think after such a jam packed busy schedule in European club after basically no summer break that players will be ready for the gold cup. I see the Roldan and Lletget crowd playing there. I thought Julian green should be called in there and players like Pomykal.

Also your timeline literally has a year gap between January camp 2022 and the December 2022 World Cup. That's a lot of time for anyone from Konrad or whoever to break in for example. As far as left back goes it's a time for the guys who are currently getting chances to stake their claim. But if these guys aren't doing their job Gregg can always bring someone new in. It happens every cycle that players rise and fall and sometimes a guy who nobody thinks will make it ends up on the final roster. Many people think an untested McKennie would've made a difference against t&t even though he had played like 3 pro games and was an outsider in arenas group.

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Saturday January 23, 2021 1:05pm

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It seems Newcastle is interested in Gloster.

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Saturday January 23, 2021 10:34pm

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@hamsamwith - I don't think we'll see as many fringe players in the Gold Cup as you might think. Because of Covid, we're dealing with a very compressed timeline for WCQ, and with ZERO games played in 2020 with what could be called a Full Strength squad, I think it's very probable we'll see the Core players used in the Gold Cup to get them repetition together ahead of WCQ games that start in September. In particular since the lower table teams for WCQ will have had to fight through 2 rounds of knock-out games to advance to meet the US, Mex, & Costa Rica in the final round of WCQ.
January Camp 2021...
March - Nations League
May/June - Nations League
June/July - Gold Cup
WCQ - Sept (3 Matches),
WCQ - Oct. (3 Matches),
WCQ - Nov. (2 match),
January Camp 2022
WCQ - Jan. 2022 (3 Matches),
WCQ - Mar (3 matches).
- 2022 Friendly windows May/June & Sept.
- Players released for WC Camps 11/14/22...Usually 2-3 friendlies for send-off)

There's very few chances to experiment and/or build chemistry between now and WCQ. U-23 players not already in the Sr. Teams rotation will have to cut their teeth with the Olympic team, than hope to be blooded in 2022 Friendlies. Either Nations League or Gold Cup will be sacrificed as experimental. If the GC doesn't allow
re-enforcements after the group stages, we'll be forced to call in the Core Players in order to have enough chemistry when the WCQ games start in Sept. Then we can experiment a bit after March 2022 before having to finalize a roster.

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Sunday January 24, 2021 8:04am

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Sunday January 24, 2021 2:46pm

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I hear you Dave. It's really that I think the starters will play nations league, you think they'll do Gold Cup. We will see.

The main point I'm stressing is if Robinson can't get the possession offense going down the left- I still think come World Cup 2022 there's a damn good chance we see a converted mid there (if it's not Sergino).

I also don't think Gregg is as worried about having his "full team" ready and prepared for qualifying as we the fans are. I think he believes in what he is doing even if many of us are skeptical he will get results in big games. I think we qualify easily, regardless of who plays.

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Monday January 25, 2021 9:17am

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Friday February 26, 2021 4:45pm

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So as we come into these next games I think Antonee Robinson has 1) the most to gain while 2) having the most to lose. Sargent would be next after that. A great showing by Robinson cements in that spot while a poor or inconsistent performance opens the door for the next guys. Besides Sam Vines there is the distinct possibility that Yedlin and Cannon being good enough would switch Dest over to the left, IF in this friendly series Robinson isn't good...

Frankly it's a lot of pressure but there should be this is the national team. It's basically the only spot there isn't a dogfight at and it's not asking too much for Robinson to really step up and make Greggs decision for him. It's on Antonee.

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Sunday February 28, 2021 11:13am

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