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Friday January 4, 2019 1:38pm

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Convenes this upcoming week with the u17, u19 and u20 age groups. Ramos is doing a smaller version of last years mega youth summit. Many of everyone's favorite players are here, the domestic based ones, anyway. This is a chance for guys George Bello's age to prove to Tab they can be at the u20 World Cup and play up a level. Acosta, Adams, Sargent have done it recently. Johnathan Gonzalez didn't quite make it up a level and that caused a stir. Who will earn their chance this time????

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Friday January 4, 2019 9:19pm

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Interesting to see Jesus Ferreira on the U20 roster. Looks like he will be a US citizen soon. I haven't seen much of Jesus, but coaches at Dallas and many more scouts are very high on him as a striker and player. Anybody shed some light on Ferreira? What type of striker is he?

I also have a feeling he is searching for more striker options because I think both Sargent and Weah will be with the full USMNT in the summer and they are unlikely to be released by their respective clubs for the u20 WC in May.

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