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Saturday November 17, 2018 8:33am

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If Ramos gets it over Berhalter, I'll need to go on a 4 year bender.

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Saturday November 17, 2018 2:24pm

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Original post from db707

Supposedly Tab turned down an interim gig, right? Do we know what they presented Tab with? Would he have really turned down an offer given to him for a 1 year deal with an option to extend? We'd have a possible long-term coach right now with a year of experience working with the players instead of having endured a year of a known lame duck and no development of a system of play.

Was it actually reported that Tab was offered the job on an interim basis? I thought that was just speculation because it was such an obvious move and it was shocking to see Sarachan get announced to "guide the team" against Portugal instead of Tab.

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Sunday November 18, 2018 9:43am

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We learned nothing except that we need a top-flight manager.

There was literally no point to this wasted year. Evaluate players? Who are we kidding? The next manager will evaluate players based on what he sees from them in training and how they play for their clubs (especially seeing them live.) He is not going to place any value in past footage of friendlies of a group of players that had never really played together and were thrown all at once into an incoherent system under a temporary manager without any pedigree. The next manager is going to have to go through a similar phase of evaluating players again. The whole year was a waste and to think that we're just going to hire Berhalter at the end of it is just infuriating. They had to wait for Stewart's contract to run out to hire him as GM? He was a front office guy for ****'s sake. And then that they had to wait for Berhalter to finish his season is just ridiculous. That Marsch was willing to leave the Red Bulls midseason for an assistant's position just illustrates how farcical the whole situation is. The USNT is so much lower than the MLS on SUM's priority list that it's not even funny.
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