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Sunday September 16, 2018 10:36pm

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2019 is the qualification tournament for the 2020 Olympics. There are a lot of players who could be considered for the team, but since the qualification tournament doesn't usually fall on a FIFA date we don't always get all our age eligible players released for the Tournament. European clubs rarely release players so the question is who in MLS & Liga MX are likely candidates for the Qualification Tournament?

Keepers: Klinsmann, Scott
Defense: Trusty, Glad, Robinson, Farfan, Cannon, D. Acosta
Midfield: Carleton, Lennon, Durkin, Goslin, Yueill
Forwards: Ebobisse, Vazquez

Any other candidates that should be under consideration from MLS & Liga MX?

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Sunday September 16, 2018 10:57pm

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I'd think guys like Olosunde, Zelalem, de la Torre, may well be in the mix, depends on their club situation when the tournament rolls around. Last time 8 of 20 guys in the qualifying tournament came from European clubs. Looking back at the roster from that last cycle highlights that we're always going to have young players who just never make it as pros, be it through injury or just not transitioning well. Will Packwood (injury), Marc Pelosi (injury), Charlie Horton (injury), Alfred Koroma, Zach Pfeffer, Ben Spencer, all part of the team in the last cycle, all are retired or close to it now. On the other side, Horvath, Miazga, Acosta, Arriola, Trapp, Morris, Green, Carter-Vickers, Parker have all gone on to the full national team.

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Sunday September 16, 2018 11:24pm

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Well depending on whether or not his club will release him, Kyle Scott is a possibility. I dare say he is leaning in the direction of the US given his tweets in the past, this is one way to tie him up and get him into the player pool. #10 in white again #10 in white

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Tuesday January 29, 2019 2:42am

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Wanted to give this thread a little bump considering some of the changes that have occurred during the winter break and what our new manager rolled out last night.

Robinson may not be released for the Qualifying tournament now that he's signed with BM.

The loan/transfers of K. Parks & Juan Torres to MLS should make their inclusion in the Qualification Tournament easier to secure, if they're playing for NYCFC.

Mihailovic has emerged as an option/competition to Carleton at the CAM Role.

Keepers: Klinsmann, Scott
Defense: Trusty, Glad, McKenzie, Cannon, D. Acosta, Bello
Midfield: Durkin, Mihailovic, Yueill, Carlton, Parks, Lewis, Busio, Goslin
Forwards: Ebobisse, Vazquez

Hopefully we can pull in a couple European players who aren't seeing consistent 1st team minutes (EPB, Dest, Olosunde, Scott, etc...). But generally speaking we'll have to rely on MLS players for the Qualification Tournament.

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Tuesday January 29, 2019 4:14pm

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This could be all be different if McKenzie, Durkin and Mihailovic make moves to Europe before this tournament.

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Wednesday January 30, 2019 3:40am

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Original post from 2tone

This could be all be different if McKenzie, Durkin and Mihailovic make moves to Europe before this tournament.

The Olympic qualifying tournament tends to be played in early fall. The only way McKenzie, Durkin, or Mihailovic move to Europe before the tournament would be in the Summer transfer window. And while that may be possible for McKenzie & Durkin if they have especially strong U-20 world cup performances; Mihailovic won't have a way to showcase his talents until the Gold Cup (long shot) and even then would likely be too late to get a offer that the Fire/MLS would accept.

Of the 3 Durkin is the most likely to get a transfer (he's already being targeted/watched). McKenzie is hard to see moving, considering the Union aren't sure if they'll release him for the U-20 WC.

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Monday March 11, 2019 6:33pm

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Guessing we get the u23 roster along with the men's and u20s

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Tuesday July 9, 2019 2:06am

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The biggest issue I see with qualifying is that none of the European players will be available for it. So we have to pull from MLS and Liga MX.

With that being said I see some issues in attack for this team.

Here is my go at a potential roster:

GK: Ochoa, Marcinkowski

Defense: Cannon, Duncan, Farfan, Araujo, Robinson, Glad, Trusty, McKenzie

CM/DM: Pomykal, Servania, Parks, Sands, Yueill

Attack: Ebobissie, Lennon, Saucedo, Vasquez, Lewis

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Tuesday July 9, 2019 2:18am

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We won't qualify again if it's a heavy MLS roster

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Wednesday July 10, 2019 2:45pm

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We might be able to pull some really young European players like Dortmund's Reyna or Soto if they aren't getting a lot of first team minutes. Or Richards. It's all about what type of relationship us soccer has with some of these clubs.. if players aren't needed for a couple weeks, meaning they weren't breaking into the real team and just playing youth some teams might be willing to realease them if the players request it

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