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Saturday April 14, 2018 5:33pm

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- I think Greg Garza is solid but I don't know if he's better than Antoine Robinson. Truth be told Tim Chandler is our best LB right now.

- I'm sorry I haven't heard a good reason not to invite Alfredo Morales to camp. We simply do not have the quality at DM to ignore a Bundesliga player in his prime. You can tell me he's not that good, but Beckerman wasn't that good, neither was Dax Mccarty, Bedoya, Zusi, Omar G.
He can't be worse than those guys and start in Bundesliga. So there's hypocrisy in that theory.

- Regarding Trapp, Roldan, and Delgado, the professional football world recognizes 23+ as a fully developed football player. Two of those guys are 22 and the other 25. My pt is those guys don't have the chops for international play and they aren't likely to get better. Again their age, isn't a viable reason to pick them over Morales.

- The only justifiable reasons I'm buying for not playing in Europe are youth and MLS contract restrictions. If the priority isn't playing at the highest possible level to push your career forward, you don't have the right mentality for intl football.

- If a player plays in Bundesliga 3 under extinuating circumstances like Gyau and you know he has high potential, he should get an opportunity to compete with a young player with a lower ceiling like Delgado. If Bundesliga 2 player is playing regularly, he has to get an opportunity to compete with MLS guys. Because if history holds up, the Bundesliga 2 are more likely to play in Bundesliga 1 and make an impact internationally.

- The whole notion that we have some stable of proven players is a joke lol. All those MLS proven players from the last cycle were failures because they were washed or never had it.
Pullisic, Mckennie, Adams, Saief, Yedlin, Chandler, Miazga, Brooks, CCV, Ream should be automatically included in a competitive game. The rest are up for debate.
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Saturday April 14, 2018 9:26pm

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@bjelks - I understand what you are saying, and will agree with you up to a point. I don't think that players like Trapp, Roldan, & Delgado are the answer to some of our positional questions/needs. Nor am I against the inclusion of some "Older" players (Villafana, Williams, Morales, Boyd, ArJo, etc...) if they play a position of need. Especially if they were not given much of a chance/opportunity under JK/Bruce.
That being said there is a clear "Bell Curve" associated to field player development. The period of time up to 24 is when most players are gaining experience and understanding. Then a Plateau period of performance 24-29 where physical ability & experience allows for their peak level of play. Followed by a general decline in play 30-34. Morales (27) & Williams (28) are currently at their Plateaus. They could provide something to the team right now, but they are not likely to contribute for long.

IMO, at this moment the focus for the USMNT CM positions (6 & 8) should be on McKennie (19), Adams (19), K. Acosta (22), Parks (20). These are the players we should be building around. If these 4 are not available, or in form, than add from the fringe player pool (Older: Williams, Morales, Stanko, Trapp & Younger: Delgado Roldan, Jones). Until such time as we have a Competitive game again, I would be more inclined to give the nod to a young player than an Older player, since these games don't mean anything.

As for your last statement..."the whole notion that we have some stable of proven players is a joke". You are 100% accurate. We have a handful of players who should be INKED into the squad right now: Pulisic, Brooks, Yedlin, McKennie, Adams, Miazga, & Saief.
We've got a handful of names that should be in PENCIL on the squad (on the roster so long as they perform): Steffen, Hamid, Chandler, CCV, Villafana, K. Acosta, Arriola, Delgado, & Wood. These are all players who've either shown enough at their clubs or in recent appearances with the USMNT recently to claim a preliminary spot on a 23 man roster.
Everyone else is auditioning for a possible roster spot. Parks, Scott, Robinson, Moore, Manneh, Weah, Sargent, and a number of others are all showing promise/potential and need to be tried over a couple of camps/games. I guess that is why I am so interested in what the squad will be for the 3 matches in May/June. It will be an extended run of friendlies where coaches & players will get a real chance to show what their abilities are.

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Thursday April 19, 2018 12:08am

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This feels like a lame duck period jeez.

New York
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Thursday April 19, 2018 12:27am

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Original post from hamsamwich

This feels like a lame duck period jeez.

It's felt like a lame duck period for many years now sadly.....

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Thursday April 19, 2018 2:39pm

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Honestly there's no movements, no motivations until 2019 or until the youth start getting those games.

If Weah, Andrea, Sargent, Tatigue, De La Torre etc the next generation start getting professional game time then all our friendlies become a cause of excitement.

The portugal game was great because regardless how you feel about them, even with a decimated lineup (which at this point really just means Brooks an d Pulisic aren't there) Mckennie, Adams etc got some run. Those are exciting players who are young (UNDER 20 CRAZY) and must see US MNT tv. But if Mckennie and Adams regress to the point where they're not getting games. Then we're stuck with Trapp, Roladn etc from the MLS. Or worse yet, calling in Bradley Altidore the "established" old guard. I mean this is our reality, it sucks, but our reality is a bit tough at the moment.

I TOTALLY understand Bjelks sentiment. A reduced professional environment like the MLS where people are handed professional spots in the form of a draft or totally subverted for south american talent who are acquired at a comparatively reduced rate, represents less of a measuring stick that hacking it out in Bundesliga 2. Or even being a 17 18 year old makin gfirst teams at PSG or Bayern Munich (when Julian Green was there). I totally favor this sentiment. But unfortunately USSF IS MLS. And we're not going get those dynamics in our national team.

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