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Friday January 18, 2019 7:24pm

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Original post from cudevil

We've effed up royally if we hired a manager whose system cannot easily/readily accommodate one of the brightest young talents in the pool.

You can not accommodate everyone. It's a team. And its players that need to fit the system as a whole not the other way around. That's why great players don't make World Cup squads. If he is so bright he shouldnt have a problem. The #9 role in berhalters system in pretty generic when looking at the crew. That being said our best player is a winger or cam. However you view him. Only player I think anyone should be accomadating is him.

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Friday January 18, 2019 7:45pm

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#9 in Berhalter system is required to be the first line of pressure consistently. He wants a 9 that puts in the work. Holds the ball up and can bring the attacking wingers into the attack. Josh Sargent Eccles with his back to goal and can pass well. Josh does still need to work on his work rate off of the ball. But I do believe Sargent will be in the running to be the starter come the Gold Cup. This type of #9 does not suit Jozy well in Berhalters system.

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Friday January 18, 2019 11:35pm

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Sargent is the only guy who is going to excel in the new system. The others will do well as the system is designed for guys like Zardes to eat. What do you think Sargent will do? It's nice to finally have a plan of how to get the ball to a striker. The previous generation didn't have that ability to link the play. Sargent brings others into play but unlike a regular target man has the pace vision and timing to make that run in behind. (See his Bundesliga goal v Leipzig).

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