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Sunday November 26, 2017 8:13pm

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Apparently Peru is going to be stupid and challenge a FIFA rule on Government controls over soccer. If the law goes through they lose their World Cup bid. Under FIFA rules they get to choose who goes to Russia. These are the cases for the following teams if Peru does this.

Italy- highest ranked team of those who did not make it. Historic power house
New Zealand-lost to Peru, but no Television power. (That is to come up again)
Chile-finished behind Peru in qualifying. 2 time Copa America defending Champs. I think they are first non Oceana team not to be in WC, and play in Confederations cup.
USA-biggest reason they are reported as leading candidate. The $200 million Fox paid for television rights, and are amongst the largest television viewership ratings wise.

Could you imagine what that means if we get in. Have to settle on a coach and then some serious player selection issues.


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Monday November 27, 2017 2:03am

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Well there are really only two cases I would consider valid...ours and Chile's.

Italy is out because they failed in a play-off. They had two chances and didn't take it.

New Zealand - well they have the easiest path to a playoff.

Chile should get it being the next team in line from COMNEBOL. It would keep the balance.

Our chance is purely a financial one as you say...but if they oust Peru they may decide to punish COMNEBOL for not keeping them in line. Besides that, you could argue we were eliminated by a phantom goal by Panama so this would right a wrong and satisfy FIFA's thirst for money.

Of course this being FIFA they may have a mini-tournament between the four at a neutral site to determine who goes.

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Monday November 27, 2017 3:42am

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I forgot about the phantom goal

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Tuesday December 5, 2017 10:19pm

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Russia has been banned from 2018 Winter Olympics for "systematic doping". What is FIFA going to do about it? As recently as Nov 28, FIFA was saying there was not "systematic doping" in Russian Futbol. Should this ban cause FIFA worry? Could they pull the WC six months out? My money is they continue to deny there is a problem.


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