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Tuesday January 8, 2019 11:08pm

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The marketing aspect is kind of null. Benfica isn't a widely followed team in the US to begin with and the Portuguese league doesn't get televised here, so they wouldn't really be able to rely on an increased fanbase or viewership bump. They would have to primarily rely on shirt sales, but he isn't a well known name and he isn't a superstar, so his marketing strength is currently very low.

If he goes to NYC and does well, turns that into a few USMNT caps, becomes more widely recognized, then gets recalled to Benfica's first team... maybe. However, Berhalter has already stated that he wants his players playing and will be calling in guys who are getting minutes at their club.

If he goes back to Benfica simply for marketing purposes, and doesn't at least get a prominent bench/occasional starter role, he likely won't continue to get USMNT call-ups. If he doesn't get call-ups, his marketing value is limited at best.

There is potential for Benfica to use Parks as a way to enhance their brand in the US, but thats likely only if he tears up MLS, goes on to be a USMNT and Benfica regular (becoming a household name in soccer houses during this process). Otherwise, its nothing that would move the needle for them.

Again, just trying to be realistic. Your last point is what I'm hoping/expecting - that he uses this loan to MLS to try and earn some caps to get potential suitors in Europe lined up for another loan down the road in a better league.

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Tuesday January 8, 2019 11:15pm

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I think an 8 would be a better fit than a 6...I think he's too slow for a 6. He's almost a hybrid 8-10...he won't get significant minutes as a 10 for NY...his skill set and speed reminds me of Kljestan. I'm looking forward to seeing him play in MLS.

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Friday January 3, 2020 11:17pm

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Looks like Parks is going to NYCFC on a permanent deal.

I guess this means people/fans will stop crying for him to get called up to the USMNT since he will no longer be in Europe (or at least on the books of a European team), and will instead be in MLS...

Hopefully this works out for him. At 22 time is still on his side, but his European journey may be over.

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