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Q: And you need promotion/relegation to do that?

A: We believe one of the reasons is the lack of an open system. The U.S. will only be able to compete when the third division in the U.S. is able to compete with the third division in Germany, France or Spain and the second division can do the same with the second division in those countries and the first and so on. The natural consequence will then be that the national side will be at a comparable level to their national teams.

You can't build a house starting from the roof. You have to build from the foundation. And the way you do that is to create motivation for the guys at the bottom to compete and possibly be promoted. It's about competition and if the system is non-competitive you can't increase quality.

U.S. soccer is at the highest level in terms of marketing, facilities and now even fan interest. What's missing is the quality. It's number 28 in the FIFA rankings, yet in 1996, when MLS began, it was number 18! I understand that a closed system works well in football, basketball and baseball, but in those sports the U.S. is already at the highest level. But in soccer, it' number 28. It's not there.

from http://www.espnfc.com/team/united-states/660/...

it took awhile for me to understand this.. it's not that we want teams going down, it's that we want teams to push the talent upwards... redbull shouldn't be just pick up miazga's miazga's can and should come from teams in the NJ/NY/Conn area where he plays against college level talent (talent tha tiwll never be world class etc) and being plucked for a price that makes the arrangement beneficial for everyone involved.

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