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Friday October 13, 2017 3:05pm

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Goalkeeper - Gonzales (27/31), Hamid (31/35), Horvath (27/31), Bingham (30/34), Cropper (29/33), Klinsman (25/29), dos Santos (22/26), Steffen (27/31), Vom Steeg (25/29),

Horvath, Gonzales, and Klinsman could all be top notch, Elite level Goalkeepers by then. If only one of them becomes that level and the other 2 (or one other can be a solid GK) then that is a great start to our 2022/2026 chances.

Defenders - Yedlin (29/33), Miazga (27/31), Birnbaum (31/35), Polster (29/33), Brooks (29/33), Zimmerman (29/33), Rosenberry (28/32), CCV (24/28), Payne (26/30), Parker 28/32), Vincent (27/31), O'Neill (29/33), Miller (29/33), Acosta (24/28), Palmer-Brown (25/29), Redding (25/29), Borges (25/29), Olosunde (24/28), Dest (21/25), Sands (22/26), Lindsey (22/26), Gloster (22/26).

Yedlin/Miazga/CCV/EPB/Acosta/Olosunde could be a pretty potent Defense. The 3 in the middle could all potentially be world class. Making a 3 man back line a potential. Especially with Yedlin's strengths (hopefully he continues to develop, which he has gotten much better the last 2 years).
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Friday October 13, 2017 3:27pm

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Midfielders - Pulisic (24/28), Arriola (27/31), Acosta (27/31), Roldan (27/31), Saief (28/32), Trapp (29/33), Manneh (27/31), Gooch (26/30), Green (27/31), Stanko (29/33), Serna (28/32), Alashe (28/32), Hyndman (26/30), Kiesewetter (29/33), Pelosi (28/32), Ariyibi (27/31), Zelalem (25/29), de la Torre (24/28), Adams (23/27), McKennie (24/28), Akale (25/29), Perez (24/28), Acosta (22/26), Durkin (22/26), Booth (21/25), Goslin (22/26), Scott (24/28)

Pulisic, Perez, McKennie can make this an elite group by then if 1-2 others pan out and we get some depth. LOT of talent here, probably more depth and potentially more upper level talent than we have ever had in a player pool over an 8 year period.

Forward - Wood (29/33), Altidore (32), Agudelo (29/33), Morris (27/31), Shelton (29/33), Rodriguez (28/31), Rubin (26/30), Tall (26/30), Spencer (27/31), Sabbi (24/28), Sargent (22/26), Lennon (25/29), Young (24/28), Akinola (22/26), Carleton (22/26), Weah (22/26).

Sargent combined with an older/experienced Wood/Morris would make for a very good combo upfront if they develop along with the midfielders
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Friday October 13, 2017 3:30pm

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If those guys come close to their talent that's our most talented and in prime years team ever. A few more develop well and add some good depth.

2026 is really the year we should be looking to. Best team ever on home soil.
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Friday October 13, 2017 3:32pm

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I think at this point. Since we missed out on the cycle. There are few personnel that we can project and prospect out with any degree of certainty. I would argue just Pulisic really. I would have included Nagbe, but his performances were not good to justify four more years.

Yedlin is probably a safe bet, but I feel until he comprehensively becomes Newcastles starting RB he's always on a potential teeter that might end poorly for him and a vagabound until he comes back to MLS(worst case).

I mean Right now a US M NT coach has a tabla raza to work with.

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Friday October 13, 2017 3:47pm

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The point I was making is that there is a lot of talent there. DEEP pool to work with. Individually is tough to project. But if you are working with 15 goalkeepers, you have a much better chance of getting 1-2 to be International level, than if you have 7.

Of those above:
GK - 33% reaching IT (international Talent) level would give us 3.
Def - 36% Reaching (or staying) IT level would give us 8.
Mid - 30% reaching (or staying) IT level would give us 8.
FW - 25% reaching (or staying) IT level would give us 4.

Don't need a big hit rate. Pretty crappy hit rate would give us solid depth. The bigger thing would be guys like Pulisic, Sargent, CCV, EPB, Perez, McKennie (or more) getting to an elite level (and staying there).

We will have the depth for sure, more depth than we have had. But will we have the top level talent that we had with the 82/83 class to put us over the top.
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Friday October 13, 2017 7:37pm

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This is a pretty fun topic to look through, some very good stuff from USAGunner. It definitely still looks promising, but yeah, got plenty of work and development to go. With the development of Yedlin, Pulisic, and Brooks, it looks good. Now we got the McKennies and Carter-Vickers of the world that need to do the same.

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Friday October 13, 2017 8:54pm

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We have almost 2 years before the next meaningful competition (2019 Gold Cup) for the USMNT.

I'd like to see Phased out and for them to retire (no more International games...maybe a big send-off game).

Schedule a game for Howard, Dempsey, Beasley, Jones, Cameron, and Kljestan) to retire. Start them all and send them off at different times to give them all their proper send-off.

After that our roster should consist of these guys (starting NOW):
GK - Horvath, Gonzalez, Hamid, Johnson, Bingham, Steffen, Cropper, and Yarbrough. Get a Heirarchy and go from there. Personally I would be ok with no Johnson, or Yarbrough. Go young and get those guys experience.

Def - Yedlin, Miazga, EPB, CCV, Polster, Brooks, Zimmerman, Rosenberry, Birnbaum, Payne, Parker, Vincent, Miller, O'Neill, Acosta, Redding, Olosunde, and Borges. The majority of 2022 and qualifying will come from these guys. Very doubtful anyone over the age of 28 will be there (for one none of them are very good, and 2 they will be 33).

Mid - Nagbe, Pulisic, Arriola, Acosta, Roldan, Saief, Trapp, Lletget, Manneh, Gooch, Green, Stanko, Hyndman, Alashe, Kiesewetter, Pelosi, Zelalem, Scott, McKennie, and Perez. I'd also call in Bradley at times to tutor these guys through 2019 and help lead. Slowly pass the torch to someone else to be the Captain.

FW - Wood, Altidore, Morris, Agudelo, Shelton, Rodriguez, Rubin, Tall, Sargent, Lennon, and Weah. Possibly start to phase out Altidore after 2019.

Whoever the GK is they decide is likely the future for 2022 is who should be starting in 2019 Gold Cup. We have almost 2 years to identify that person and get him spots. He needs to play every meaningful match once identified to carry us through Qualifying, etc.
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Friday October 13, 2017 10:24pm

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CCV is on everyone's list, as well he should be. He needs to be called for our next friendlies to start to incorporate him into the squad and assess where he fits. He is still not cap tied at the senior level.

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Friday October 13, 2017 10:45pm

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player pool:

GK: Austin, Scott, Klinsmann, Gonzales, Bono, Steffen, , Cropper, Hamid, Horvath

Defense: Yedlin, Fossey, Polster, Adams, Olosunde, Miazga, EPB, Brooks, Glad, CCV, Opara, Birnbaum, Zimmerman, Vincent, Farfan, Morrow, Gloster

CM/DM: Bradley(he will still be in the pool for 2022), Roldan, Mckennie, Davis, Harkes, Cannouse, Delgado, Gonzales, Hynman, Durkin, Goslin, Zelalem, Scott, Acosta, Stanko

Attackers: Pulisic, Wood, Lletget, JamiesonIV, Novakovich, Sargent, Taitigue, Wright, Manneh, Morris, Rubin, Ebobisse, Lewis, Gyau( yes he makes a USMNT come back), Weah, Perez, Kunga, Carleton, Akale, Young, Boyd, Johannsson,

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Friday October 13, 2017 10:58pm

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I have to add Green as well:

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Friday October 13, 2017 11:14pm

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Dang I suck at this. Add Gooch and De La Torre.

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Saturday October 14, 2017 1:51am

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Add Mihalovic as well.

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Saturday October 14, 2017 2:13am

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Is Robinson who is at Bolton somebody to bring in. I see he is playing on loan but not sure how good Bolton is, I know they are in the relegation zone, or how well he has played.

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Sunday October 15, 2017 3:19pm

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Yes bring in Robinson he is better than Vincent from a guy who moderately follows Bolton and who is a Fire fan.

Mihailovic has always been good, his lack of physical size is an "American problem" but as a soccer player he is the nuts. Good at every level for the youth Fire, always played up a level. I await more good things to come from such a natural player.

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Sunday October 15, 2017 4:06pm

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With Danny Williams, Mckennie, Gonzalez, Morales all younger and playing at a higher level, there's no reason to bring him in and please let's nor say leasdership. If I'm playing first team ball abroad, I have no reason to respect Bradley per Jones
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