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Wednesday October 11, 2017 9:42pm

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I havent posted on here in a while, but being in a college that doesnt have tons of soccer fans I need to vent. We were awful yes... we were old yes. should we have brought in more youngsters the last 2 years like weve all been calling for? yes. Is this the most embarrassing loss yessss. Do i not no what to do with myself because i love us soccer and the new york giants more than almost anything and both are complete jokes rn... yes!!! But lets not call for a complete scrap. We are finally producing some world class talent. Pulisic came from the us shipped him overseas. People that are asking us to produce world class talent well we cant cuz we have never had world class talent the only way to produce such talent is to be coached by that. So, whos the only real world class player that can coach these next group of potential Americans??? Steve Cherundolo. Klinssman i thought was gonna be that coach but he wasn't tactically good. We have to stop hoping the MLS becomes this great league. It WILL NEVER be a top league. Now lets accept that and know that european scouts are scattered across this country looking for a great american player. So i disagree with all yall saying lets scrap the system and start over.

Now our failure to qualify while chatstrophic does happen. Think netherlands... how does it feel to be a chile fan? I thougt they could win the world cup and now they aren't even there???? Italy looks pretty awful rn they might not qualify. So Netherlands chile possibly Italy failed teams like Ghana were awful in qualifying. We have to understand that Panama like say Iceland decided a few years ago to become focused on soccer and you know what if your country focuses on a sport like that they are gonna be pretty damn good. So theres less room for error in Concacaf then ever before. Mexico shouldn't have made it last time around... and we shouldnt and didnt make it this time around. It doesn't take many bad losses to miss the world cup as we just found out. So lets regroup we could have an almost full european lineup in 2022, and thats what we need to focus on. Getting our best young talent to europe at the age of 13-14. And we got a lot of young players in europe right now... so, lets not lose faith I think this will make Pulisic so hungry in 2022 that if we host in 2026 we might have a shot at it. What to do now? find your coach and tell him to go find 8-9 core players you hope will be the main core of the team the next 8 years, and tell them we are gonna not just make it but when we host we are gonna win.....

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