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Young Donovan and Beasley made things happen in space going at defenders.

And yes this generation is entitled. They don't have to try to make it in Europe because MLS pays them ungodly $ to play in the league. And the league isn't good enough to house all your best NT players.

I just don't get where our next gen players are. Sans Puli. Who are the young players we're suppose to be excited about and push these older guys out? Arriola? Morris? Zardes? Our player development is a joke. Of course MB plays in Zen and does nothing out there. No one is even close to replacing him. Hell, we have people on here getting hard ons for Nagbe because he can dribble around a guy or 2 when we're playing T&T or Panama. The guy has 4 goals in the last 2 MLS seasons and has a starting 11 spot on our NT. LOLOL.

We're screwed

the hard on is from watching us not cough up the ball in midfield.. but unfortunately, now we're not making simple interceptions, calm passes in the box, successful attacks on the flanks (nagbe included at fault against Honduras) alot of things that could be attributed to our defense.

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