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Sunday January 14, 2018 7:39pm

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Id take that Lodeiro dude on the sounders in the midfield over Bradley any day. That's the type of midfielders we need.

Losing J Gonzalez made us lose a player who can defend and attack

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Friday February 2, 2018 3:55am

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Took me forever to find this thread

Was that the same Bosnia team we played ? Any watch the game to see how Gonzalez did? I read a few articles...

I'm calling it now dude will have a Guiseppi Rossi career with Mexico. He'll get injured right before the world cup.

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Saturday February 3, 2018 8:06am

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What kills me so much more is the fact that we just helped out Mexico get a potentially really good player. We identified him and developed him and gifted him to them. Imagine the potential midfield we had (including Jona) versus whatever Mexico has which is an aging Midfield... Even if Jona didnt become a world class or whatever prospect he still would i think have a place in our squad. Never enough depth...

In addition from what im up to date there really isnt much going for Mexico in terms of talents correct me if im wrong here anyone. Yea sure some decent players but nothing to what they have now. That includes Corona and Lozano who havent done anything in a top 4 league as of today. Anyway thats the most frustrating part from those bums who run our federation.

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