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Wednesday July 19, 2017 7:26pm

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Original post from chris_thebassplayer

I'd be bummed if we can't get Cam at Dmid for the WC. MB needs to the 8.

If we have to roll with MB as the 6, which I'm not crazy about, then I'd go with Lletget as the 8 over anyone else...with puli at ACM.

I wouldn't mind seeing Gooch or de la Torre thrown into the mix for back up at ACM.

Although de la Torre had some very good moments at the U20 WC, I came away with the impression that he is a step or two too slow to be a major impact player, much like Greg Garza tends to get exposed by speed at the international level. Both have good skill and read the game well, but I don't want Garza anywhere near the national team because he's just too slow, and I fear de la Torre may fall into the same category.

Conversely, I would love to see Gooch and Yedlin partnered up on the same side at some point. Their speed could cause nightmares for a defense and make them think twice about pressing the attack on that side due to fear of a lightning counter.

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Thursday July 20, 2017 12:41am

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Original post from skangles

Really, over Full Back? Yedlin is the only quality prospect we've had in a few years and the youth pipeline doesn't look great.

I wouldn't exactly go that far. We've got Olosunde, Edwin Lara (if he chooses us over Mexico, although unlikely), George Bello, Marco Farfan, and even Tyler Adams (depending on what we want to do with him, fullback or midfielder).

Know Nothing
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Thursday July 20, 2017 5:14am

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Given the talent we have in his preferred position, perhaps using Gooch as RB cover isn't such a bad idea.

Rey Regicide
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Friday August 25, 2017 1:34pm

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"Nagbe has been criticized most of his career for not producing enough goals or assists - a stance U.S. manager Bruce Arena has echoed. But Donovan indicated that the Portland midfielder helps the U.S. out in more subtle ways.

"Nagbe's ability to influence a game is unlike any other player on this U.S. team," Donovan, who is an analyst for Fox Soccer, said on Thursday. "If you think of the game, think of it like an American football game. If you're able to dominate field position or ball possession over the course of the game, it kind of wears teams down.

"Nagbe's ability to flip the U.S. from defending to now he gets the ball, beats a couple of guys, moves into the attack, gets fouled, now all of a sudden you're 40 yards up the field. Now you start attacking and you're in the other team's end.

"Doing that time and time again over the course of the game is really valuable. I think that's a piece of his game that people don't appreciate enough when he doesn't score a goal in the game or doesn't have an assist. He makes plays that lead to other offensive plays that help you win games.""

Rey Regicide
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Friday August 25, 2017 1:37pm

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I feel like, Landon just described... what a central midfielder should be..

not a CDM, nor a CAM

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Thursday September 7, 2017 1:04pm

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Landon is just a schill for Bruce Arena.

We have no CDM, poor #8s and only Pulisic to line up in the attack. I just don't see how my boy Danny Williams improves anything in a meaningful way. He and Bradley will be a replay of Bradley/Jones except Williams has more discipline and less skill than Jones.

New York
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Thursday September 7, 2017 4:11pm

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Landon does this with every player or coach he has a personal relationship with. Going on and on about Omar Gonzalez's defensive intelligence "he's just so smart, he just knows WHERE to be and WHAT to do...." and on Bruce it goes overboard. Neither deserved of it. It's better to have unbiased color commentators.

Rey Regicide
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Thursday September 7, 2017 7:07pm

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He has a relationship with Nagbe?

New York
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Thursday September 7, 2017 9:17pm

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I can't speak for Nagbe, and I didn't want to suggest that any praise he gives comes from a personal relationship. I meant that he seems to emphasize the people he knows well when he goes on and on about them on camera. (he did it heavily with Arena, Gonzalez, and Lleget)

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Friday September 8, 2017 1:32am

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Original post from Rey Regicide

He has a relationship with Nagbe?
Hes repeating what Bruce told him.

I expect @Dave with a real list of who we turn to when the shit hits the fan and we have to play Asian team in a playoff... I mean for Bruce to praise Nagbe for average performances is just coach speak.

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