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Thursday September 7, 2017 8:16pm

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If you liked seeing Zusi and Beasley getting smoked by fast attackers, you'll love Garza as a USMNT fullback. He's as good an option as we have technically and positionally, but he's about three steps too slow at the national team level. Villafana passed him on the depth chart after Arena watch Garza run helplessly after faster players for over a half and then replaced him with Villafana, who isn't a burner but was at least competitive for the remainder of the game.

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Thursday September 7, 2017 9:15pm

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Haha, between the Auto - incorrect and the booze I have almost no chance...

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Friday September 8, 2017 2:28am

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Original post from blaise213

Keeper: Howard, Guzan, Hamid/Horvath (No more Rimando)
RB: Yedlin, Chandler (No More Zusi)
RCB: Cameron, Miazga
LCB: Brooks, CCV
LB: Fabian, Robinson (No more Beasley)
RM: Wright, Saief,
CM: Bradley, Williams, Acosta (No more McCarty)
LM: Nagbe, Green,
CAM: Pulisic, Tillman
F: Wood, Jozy, Morris, Johannsson

Alternates: Mckenzie, Gideon Z if he gets healthy or any upcoming midfielder in the next 8 months to replace Bradley

Not familiar with Robinson....who's he playing for?
With a strong showing while on Loan I could see CCV breaking into consideration, but he needs games before I'll be ready to insert him into the conversation.
Wright & Green are in the same boat as CCV.
I don't see Tillman switching away from Germany.
I like ArJo, but I don't see him getting enough minutes to overtake Morris or Dempsey without someone going down w/ an injury...Even then I think Bruce would go w/ Dwyer.
Won't even consider/discuss Zelalem until he's healthy and playing somewhere.

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Friday September 8, 2017 2:30am

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@dave- young LB from Everton playing (a little) so far on loan for Bolton in the championship. He's got his own just started thread on here.

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Saturday September 9, 2017 1:03am

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Did anyone know Richie Williams was an assistant coach for the team? How does he keep failing upwards?

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Saturday September 9, 2017 2:22pm

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What's even more ridiculous are the articles praising Coach Bruce right now. We get one point in two games (against teams other than Mexico) and they're saying he did a good job because he made the right 'adjustments' and we were able to get a point in the second game, rather than ending in fifth place with two games to go. I bet when we qualify (probably by finishing in fourth and beating the Asian team), there will be even more articles singing his praises for getting us through the hex, and about how he has righted the team since Klinsmann was fired. And I bet if we don't manage to get out of the group stage, these journalists will be Coach Bruce's apologists and will argue that he wasn't given enough time in charge to leave his imprint on the team.
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Saturday September 9, 2017 3:07pm

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Articles out there mentioning Arena are annoying, but it is the color commentators praising Arena that are awful (Donovan being the worst). Arena is just slightly better than Jurgen and Arena is starting to become too old/stubborn for national team coaching. His lethargic speaking style is rubbing off on our players (I'm joking about that).

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Saturday September 9, 2017 11:56pm

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What dolcem and navi said.
"Hey, good adjustments to your F plan, Bruce!"
Nagbe's playstyle last game = Arena's speaking style

I hate to harp on this but no one is talking about it, so I think it's important to harp on it:
Track Nagbe from 38:41 when his foot gets stepped on to 73' when they take him out.
38' to 63' : he's just a number out there
63' to 73' : he doesn't do anything.


Regardless of what the hell's wrong with Nagbe, how does the coaching staff not sub him for 35 minutes of game time, while we trail? Surely if you are switching to a three-CB back line (the way you should have started the match) by making two subs at 62', you just take off the injured guy and have DMB or Zusi play WB?? How do you not take off the guy who's either injured or has melted down mentally?
You could see it on the screen, live, during the game. Assistant coaches who watch for these things. IF the whole staff didn't notice or do something about this, say goodnight, Gracie.
^Isolate Nagbe, and only from 38' to 73'. He makes NO PLAYS from 63 to 73.
From 38' to 63': 1 shot, 1 successful forward pass, 1 foul won, 2 notable defensive plays. Lost ball dribbling twice. Beat no one on the dribble. Anything else he did is trivial. ('defensive recoveries' can be really minor plays, so I'm not counting those, nor am I counting back-passes, etc)
Other people also have a bad stretch of gameplay during that time, but I'm willing to be it's because we had a useless player on the field, thus making everyone else's job harder.

Dumpster fire.

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Tuesday September 12, 2017 1:16pm

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Our CB were playing Scottish tiki taka with honduran backline.

That is when they weren't letting grounders go through their legs for assists.

But it's Nagbe's fault.

Nagbe isn't an attacker, althought i agree wtih you, if you have bradley Acosta and pulisc out on a wing, you probably should take Nagbe out. As much as I love the guy, I've said that (esp int he win against Honduras US home) that putting Nagbe in on the attack stifles your attack because he tries to look for the highest probable option. Which honestly against Honduras (US away) was to kick it out of bounds.

Where as a player like Arriola can come in miss 2 to 3 passes but still put an overall stamp on the game because he was pressing and forward thinking.

It's hard to open up, show for the ball, when you're playing soccer volleyball.

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Tuesday September 12, 2017 11:37pm

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I can't quite tell from what you said how you are responding to what I said.
I am not an anti-Nagbe guy with an axe to grind here.

I am saying that in that match he got hurt and shut down mentally, and the coaching staff left him on the field. I watched the match again and he's basically not on the field for 25 minutes, then he does even less than that for the last 10 minutes of his time.

I'm hardly saying that "we sucked because it's all Nagbe's fault".

But watch the match again if you don't believe me about Arena leaving him out there for no reason. You should be able to find the full match on youtube still.

(by the way, I like your "Scottish tiki taka" line, that is hilarious)

Rey Regicide
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Wednesday September 13, 2017 3:51pm

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I'm sorry, I got defensive.

If there's anything good in the US MNT I feel that Nagbe is part of it. But I felt that way about Cameron and lately that guy has messed cavalier attitude with recklessness.

I'm more of an optimist, and when things fail I tend to view it as a systematic failure. I'm just pissed things have gone the way it has gone.

Literally the only light I have at the end of the tunnel for this group is for our young kids to simultaneously break through and become integral bits of our setup. and then we go to war with them in Russia.

But that requires what is seemingly alot at this point to go right.

Also, Mexico has interest in laying down right? Damn.. lol

Rey Regicide
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Wednesday September 13, 2017 3:52pm

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also, war with russia seems like the poorest choice of words, sorry for that.

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Wednesday September 13, 2017 5:51pm

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Original post from Rey Regicide

also, war with russia seems like the poorest choice of words, sorry for that.


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Friday September 15, 2017 10:26pm

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Friday September 15, 2017 11:00pm

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That video was mostly about showing how bad Omar Gonzalez is

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