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Friday February 10, 2017 5:53am

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Ramos named a 20 man roster for the games in Costa Rica.

All three US matches will be aired on Univision networks.

Feb 18 vs Panama 4 pm ET
Feb 21 vs Haiti 5:30 pm ET
Feb 24 vs Saint Kitts and Nevis 5:30 pm ET

GOALKEEPERS (2): Jonathan Klinsmann (University of California; Newport Beach, Calif.), JT Marcinkowski (Georgetown; Alamo, Calif.)

DEFENDERS (7): Danny Acosta (Real Salt Lake; Salt Lake City, Utah), Marlon Fossey (Fulham F.C.; Surbiton, England), Justen Glad (Real Salt Lake; Tucson, Ariz.), Aaron Herrera (New Mexico; Casa Grande, Ariz.), Erik Palmer-Brown (Sporting Kansas City; Lee's Summit, Mo.), Tommy Redding (Orlando City SC; Oviedo, Fla.), Auston Trusty (Philadelphia Union; Media, Pa.)

MIDFIELDERS (6): Tyler Adams (New York Red Bulls; Wappingers Falls, N.Y), Luca de la Torre (Fulham F.C.; San Diego, Calif.), Jonathan Gonzalez (CF Monterrey; Santa Rosa, Calif.), Jeremiah Gutjahr (Indiana University; Bloomington, Ind.), Sebastian Saucedo (Real Salt Lake; Park City, Utah), Eryk Williamson (University of Maryland; Alexandria, Va.)

FORWARDS (5): Coy Craft (FC Dallas; Frisco, Texas), Jeremy Ebobisse (Portland Timbers; Bethesda, Md.), Brooks Lennon (Real Salt Lake; Paradise Valley, Ariz.), Jonathan Lewis (New York City FC; Plantation, Fla.), Emmanuel Sabbi (UD Las Palmas; Libertyville, Ill.)


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Friday February 10, 2017 6:59am

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No left back and a guy who barely plays for Indiana. How does Ramos have a job?

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Friday February 10, 2017 10:34pm

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I was bummed Nelson didn't make the cut.

We should do fine with the level of talent on the team...

But Ramos will always find a way to make good talent look worse than the sum of its parts.

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Saturday February 11, 2017 12:02am

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Dang, you guys are knowledgeable about U20. I just stared at the list and blinked a few times.

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Saturday February 11, 2017 12:15am

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Oh I almost forgot: fuck that dipshit Jonathan Klinsmann

Rey Regicide
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Saturday February 11, 2017 12:19am

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Jk was a striker who wanted to score goals..

take solace in the fact that he probably sees his son as a failure already...

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Saturday February 11, 2017 12:34am

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Original post from chris_thebassplayer

I was bummed Nelson didn't make the cut.

We should do fine with the level of talent on the team...

But Ramos will always find a way to make good talent look worse than the sum of its parts.
Perhaps. I thought the last u-20s were pretty decent (at least they qualified).... I know people love to bag on Tab Ramos but the fact is the majority of the guys he tends to select can actually play "football". He prefers guys who can make plays with their feet and he tries to use the events as a showcase for the talented few we have. As far as LB, even at the senior level we use converted midfielders there if they are better players so I don't see the issue. Palmer-Brown captain and we will qualify for the WC.

Also guys remember this isn't the full team, some were allowed to patticipat, others weren't.

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Saturday February 11, 2017 1:39am

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Most likely clubs didnt wanna release some of our top players like Akale, Perez, CCV ect. Heck i wouldn't mind having pulisic there also. Im still a bit Surprised how college players were taken over mls players. Do we not have enough talented players under 20 in mls!! And seriously JK son do we not have depth at GK.. Pathetic. I am not sure this team will be enough to qualify. If we dont qualify it will be a shame and disaster Ramos would need to leave ASAP.

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Saturday February 11, 2017 2:07am

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There were 11 MLS, 5 college (both keepers included), 2 Fulham and 1 each from Monterrey and Las Palmas. So most are MLS players. This qualifying squad is about what everyone expected besides the thing at LB-- but even that we will see how important it is for qualifying.

Rey Regicide
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Saturday February 11, 2017 3:21pm

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You know, I feel someone may have touched upon this awhile back.

If you ask everyone here, they'll tell you the 2015 under 20 world cup team is more successful than the u 17 and I would say no way.

Literally, we have Pulisic from that u 17 team lighting it up as a pro, Josh Perez already getting exposed to Seria A football, Luca De La Torre getting Hyndman love2 years later, Olosunde in Manchester hoping to climb up the ranks, Haji Wright in Schalke about to break frist team.

For the u 20s, Rubin got sent to Denmark, yea Zelalem and Hyndman are on loan moves and have played first team football, but still not established yet.

Arriola is playing decent minutes yes, but not Pulisic's rank.

Who else from the u 20's that has you excited, Miazga is good hes on loan trying to break through at Vitesse, CCV we all know will break through, sure. But none are as established as Pulisic.

So as far as talent matriculation goes, it's no question for me. Oh yea TThompson, a guy who i thought should be playing more now is wasting away at SJ.

I remember watching the U 17s and thinking, damn it! we have the better players, for once! adn we're just not playing well. I feel that the national team coaches are resonsible, but there's more to just technique, there's the tactics adn positioal awareness you get frmo your club teams. Maybe they weren't mature enough at that stage.

If Ramos gets better play from this time around, (if we make the world cup, when he can call up the Josh P's, maybe Pulisics's etc, EPB, CCV), I expect better showing than 2015's squad. From a tactical standpoint, they looked INFINITELY better than the u 17s. I saw their movements in space, their press, their willingness to play the ball.

I don't expect deeper runs, or winning the World Cup, but I definitely would hope that we would be in control of most, if not all of the games, so.. no performances like the ones against Ukraine, Serbia, Colombia.. were it was 50/50 or unequivocally reactive.

Know Nothing
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Sunday February 12, 2017 5:51am

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He's been injured, but if healthy I wonder if Kyle Scott would have been called? I think Ramos has called a few times and he has declined.

As of right now I don't think he has turned out for any country's youth team for a sanctioned match and is keeping his options open. Chelsea more than likely would have released him given the number of young players they have.

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Sunday February 12, 2017 5:54pm

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Do not forget Weston Mckennie was not released for these games either. Scored his 2nd goal with Shalke u20 team in only 9 games. Have to wonder as Shalke becomes more entrenched in the middle of the pack if him and Wright are at least dressing by the end of the season for the senior club.

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Monday February 13, 2017 6:01pm

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Isaiah Young is another player who isn't on this team. Dude has been lights out for Werder Bremens U19 team since making the move over to Germany.

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Tuesday February 14, 2017 12:24pm

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If they qualify (even without some top euro options the new CONCACAF format is set up to hugely favor US) it will be interesting to see if Tab drops these college and some lower MLS guys for the Euro guys. I know Pulisic wont be released but youd think McKinnie, Wright, Young, Perez, CCV would be allowed to play.

Its funny how every U20 cycle we have some exciting attacking talent, and are usually strong up the middle in CM, CDM, CB but we continue to struggle to find fullbacks.

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Saturday February 18, 2017 5:55am

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US vs Panama tomorrow at 3:30 on Univision Deportes.

Sounds like Danny Acosta will start at LB because if you're a young talented DM with the surname Acosta, Tab is going to convert you into a LB...

Joking aside, Will Parchman said that he's been training at LB with RSL so this might be his new position for Club and Country. About a year ago Tab referred to Danny as one of the best DMs he's ever coached and I was really looking forward to seeing him play as a #6 based on Tab's comment.

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