Which of the eight candidates should lead US Soccer?
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Sunday July 2, 2017 3:53pm

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Bjelk....the only way Mckinnie or Wright sniff out the 2018 team is for them to start for Shalke and be dominant. I will not say Mckinnie could not do what Max did, but I have seen him play 20 minutes of a D1 team and he is not at that level yet. In regards to DWill, he has never done it for the USMNT, he just has not been decisive and seems to question himself a ton. To be fair, that can be put on Klinnsman for not giving him a defined role, which was probably the issue of the JJ/Bradley combo.

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Sunday July 2, 2017 6:02pm

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The if young guys dont get a look immediately after 2018, we've got Olympic qualifying shortly after that which should be a springboard for many of them.

I think Danny Williams should be in the conversation. He and Acosta are the top CM in the USMNT pool right now for my money so having both around can only be a positive especially if he makes the expected move to Huddersfield and performs well in the Premier League next season.

The JJ-Bradley combo was unworkable mostly because Jones loves to freelance and pop up all over the pitch which hung Bradley out to dry and left him to pick up the slack in central midfield.

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Sunday July 2, 2017 9:20pm

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Original post from skangles

You're right. I just rewound the DVR and the cross clearly came off of Morris' left foot so it's not surprising that it was quality. I have no idea what Twellman was talking about. I just took him at his word.

I didn't get to sit and watch much of the game, but I did see this moment, and your post. You just misheard Twellman. He said that in the past, Morris would have tried that cross with the outside of his right foot.

Re Zusi: he should be challenging other USNT players for wingback only please. I don't know why he got the nod over Lichaj, but it could be as others said: Lichaj is penciled in for two or three games after this, so the time to play Zusi was now.....?

Zardes shouldn't have been here, to the point that I'd just about blame Bruce for his performance (i.e. Z showed no signs that he should be called up). Leave him at LAG to figure out his form, and I don't even know if he's a lock on that roster. .... although, he made a good run early (v Ghana) that someone on the right didn't send for him. Also, skangles yeah, you can't blame him for heart or endurance ever. I love a guy with a full heart at all times, but that doesn't mean he should be on this GC roster.

1) I think Twellman is pretty good, but nowhere near Holden-good.
2) Since I didn't get to see much of the game, did Corona raise his stock, and if so, did he raise it more as a CM or an AM?
3) Agreed on Villafaña, although I'm one of his supporters since like 2015. He should not be a lock after that performance.
4) re: Guzan getting nutmegged three times in one match on a bad EPL team, it may mean there's a flaw in this game, but you're going to have a bad day of one kind or another as a GK on team 19 of 20. You will face so many tough situations that you'll look crap in one of them. Anyone who plays keeper knows that you will get nutmegged sooner or later. On a bad day where you're always having to reposition because your defense is playing like dogs, that could be more than once.
5) What chillguy said about Altidore + Dempsey pairing being a couple of snails
6) good debut for Dwyer on 2-3 plays, but yet also bad debut for Dwyer on 2-3 plays

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Sunday July 2, 2017 10:23pm

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adding to 3) Villafaña was a massive part of that first goal, so that has to be part of his 'bad day'.

Also, I don't know about the free kick we conceded. Statistically, I'd think you'd have to take away the right footer's plan A shot, and Guzan did the opposite of that. Maybe this is over my head though, I don't know.

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Sunday July 2, 2017 11:37pm

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Villafana should have been sent off at end of first half.

Corona was good for first 60 minutes could see he has not played in a while.

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Monday July 3, 2017 3:52am

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Original post from mmee

2) Since I didn't get to see much of the game, did Corona raise his stock, and if so, did he raise it more as a CM or an AM?

His passing was quick and mostly accurate. He looked really good playing CAM.

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Monday July 3, 2017 4:01am

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Zusi v Lichaj v chandler is really just to be Yedlins backup. So if Zusi offers similar ability to play RB (in different styles but similarly "backup-ish" play) as Lichaj, his ability to do more for the team with limited numbers offers Bruce a more well rounded backup. Saying that, perhaps Bruce is still making up his mind and there is room for the Chicago guy Lichaj on the roster.

The other Chicago guy, Guzan, once again showed to me that his athletic ability and health are a notch above the legend Tim Howard at this point, who I now find gambling to make up for his lost step. I think Guzan should be the starter moving forward personally, because Howard is showing much wear and tear and is losing it just a little. He's always on deck, and I wouldn't close the door but it's time to move on.

Said it pregame, Jorge Villafaña is no Beasley and should be done soon wearing the USA shirt. He's not even a Greg Garza in my opinion, whose linkup play and awareness are a class above Villafaña. Heck, give Saief a shot at it...

Lastly, Acosta is a hell of a player, but Danny Williams is currently better.

To the guy who just said the 18 year old schalke kids have more intangibles than Dax "Mr Intangible" McCarty, that's just a dumb comment. That's what he offers besides a great passing percentage. The key is to be reliable in that position, the backup to Bradley...

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Monday July 3, 2017 4:08am

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Original post from mmee

MSantoine isn't applying this law of averages to Morris' crap season..............

My whole point (in chatting about this on a fan board) is that Ramirez should be there over Morris.
If I'm cherry-picking, so is MSantoine, but at least I have current form on my side of the argument. Morris' play for club and country has been mediocre in recent months. If that's because he's been hurt, he can go recover his form in Seattle and stay out of the 23. Most of the soccer world (and sports world) thinks that current form does matter, from professional coaches on downward, so I'm nipping in the bud any talk that "form is fleeting and class is forever". Bullcrap.
This doesn't mean that quote-unquote "hot-streaks" should be believed in.
But half a season isn't a hot streak.

I agree, current form matters most and it should have been Ramirez on the squad.

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Monday July 3, 2017 4:25am

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Ramirez is a different type player than Morris, I wouldn't really compare them.

To go back to Williams, he's always played back with Bradley roaming ahead of him... I'd like to see Williams be given license to get forward with Bradley in his holding spot. Williams hasn't had that opportunity yet. But I'd like to see that. To be clear, Acosta is on the plane to Russia and should be on a plane somewhere else for European preseason. If I was a foreign club I'd try to get him now before his price goes up. Love to see him play in Italy or Germany, his game would really take another step forward.

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Monday July 3, 2017 6:20am

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ham, before you go dismissing Villafaña completely, you saw his assist, right?
Also this is his first game where he was bad at defense, and it was against the insane athleticism of Ghana.

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Monday July 3, 2017 6:45am

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I'm still a fan of Villafana, but more of a LWB (with a 3 CB formation) rather than a straight LB. Like with the Dwyer goal, he was the main reason that goal happened. Villafana forward can be pretty good. I've really become a big fan of Kellyn Acosta, he has high potential and is already good. As for Dom Dwyer, what a great moment for him, so glad as a Sporting fan who has really liked him for a while. This game, I feel, put him at #3 CF immediately, and could get up to #2 if Dempsey's form stays gone for good. Then with Kenny Saief... I've been waiting for this for a while. I really enjoyed what I saw in the short time he was out there. He's so confident and calm on the ball, and it's only a matter of time before he shows his ability to us all.

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Monday July 3, 2017 7:08am

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Finally saw the game.

Biggest take away was Dwyer is going to help us in a big way.

A smaller slightly less pacy version of Wood...well rounded skill set...solid hold up play, strong tight pivoting low center of gravity...very technical...crazy relentless work rate. Probably the best attribute is he's extremely comfortable as a solo forward...maybe even more comfortable than Wood in that regard...imo, both are better than Jozy as a solo forward. With that said, I think he's really going to pressure Jozy for starter minutes to combo with Wood. So I think after the GC, he'll have moved way up the depth chart.

Nice seeing Corona again. I thought he was very good on the ball.

Hedges and Besler worked well.

Dax was very sharp...very good game. I still have lingering doubts about him when the games are for blood. I'd take Acosta over him right now as a back up Dmid
I still have the sense he's one of those top class MLS players, but not up to the speed and physicality of tooth and nail international ball. I was hoping to see Acosta and Roldan. Dax is more savvy at this point than Roldan, but Roldan is quicker and has a higher ceiling and is rapidly gaining experience. Hoping to see Roldan get some minutes at Dmid. Bruce loves his vets though.

Great save from Guzan on the kick was comical...right before the kick he takes a step to his up even more of the goal...are his feet ever set at the moment of truth?

Arriola was kind off sleepy.

Villafana looked off the pace of the game.

I wasn't excited to see Zusi.

Overall, I liked our ability to possess the ball.

I agree with Skangles, let this group go as far as they can go without bringing other players in. Way better test for the fringe players to experience knock out game pressure.

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Monday July 3, 2017 7:23am

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ham, I wouldn't totally give up on Villafana yet, but for me the left back job is still not a settled matter. Agree with you on Acosta needing a move to Europe to up his game. I just ignore the folks who talk about kids with no or almost no senior pro experience as if they should be playing. You want to bring a kid or two into a camp for the experience, fine, but that's sufficient until they've shown something at senior club level.

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Monday July 3, 2017 7:26am

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Original post from goods

Villafana should have been sent off at end of first half.

If Ghana's keeper wasn't getting sent off for that kamikaze challenge on Dwyer, then no way was a shirt pull getting red.

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Monday July 3, 2017 7:42am

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Both should have happened.

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