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Thursday January 12, 2017 5:00pm

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someone said that the games are going to be worse because some teams are going to be very fatigued and often play against teams with a lot more rest.

If you look at what the top teams in big leagues do they play a lot more games and often play on short rest against teams that have a lot of rest.

I just don't think it'll be much of an issue compared to what it is now. If anything it'll favor the stronger teams. Which is what we want if we want better soccer as the tournament progresses.

for 16 teams it will be 2 more games than they are used to playing (those are the 16 new teams).

For everyone else it'll be the same amount of games...

16 teams will play 2 games (Group Stage).
16 teams will play 3 games (Group Stage + round of 32).
8 teams will play 4 games (Group Stage + R32 + R16).
4 teams will play 5 games (Group Stage + R32 + R16 + Quarterfinals).
4 teams will play 7 games (GS + R32 + R16 + QF + Semi + champ/3rd-4th).

Right now you have:
16 teams play 3 games (Group Stage)
8 teams play 4 games (GS + R16)
4 teams play 5 games (GS + R16 + QF).
4 teams play 7 games (GS + R16 + QF + SF + Champ/3rd-4th).

So really the only change to how many games is the new teams playing 2 games.
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Friday January 13, 2017 2:38pm

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Usually the fatigue difference is 1-2 days. Now you are talking about one team having 5-6 days rest(Assumes 3 groups play in one day, so ABC, DEF, GHI, etc ) vs someone who's had 10-12 days rest. If they play 4 games in one day then its 4 days vs 8 days. Still a huge difference.

Also regarding "depth". In a tourney you cant use depth. In league play yo have 30 or so guys you could count on, and in most cases you can play some reserves against one of them if one game is against a very inferior foe. In the World Cup, with only 2 group games, you wont be able to play reserves. You also have the issue of yellow card suspensions playing a huge impact. In current format you miss 1 of 3 group games and your team can survive. Its semi-easy to avoid a knockout round suspension. Now will they reset the cards after the group stage (would make card suspensions go away and increase physicality)? If not you are going to have early knockout games impacted heavily by suspension. Either option is worse then the current option.

Brian Sciaretta makes the best point about this world cup expansion. The only positive that could come out of this expansion is IF conmebol and concacaf merge. If they dont merge then its just all bad all around.

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Friday January 13, 2017 6:38pm

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If they keep it to the 32 day time frame (which they have said) then they will have to do 4 games in a day, so you pretty much have to go by that. If you do 3 games a day it will take 16 days to finish the group stage. That would put the top 4 teams playing 5 games in 16 days, and it's possible that some of those top 4 teams could end up playing 5 games in 11 days. Obviously that's not possible to ask teams to do that.

So you will have 4 games a day in the group stage at least. Which would then finish in 12 days.

So the difference would be one team at 8 days rest and the other team at 4 days rest. Which isn't different from the top leagues having a team play on Saturday then in a Cup game on wednesday and then in a league game on Sunday. That team would have 3 days rest and the other team would have a 7 day rest.

And yes teams in the World Cup would be able to use depth. Being able to sub 1-3 people out in the 2nd game without losing much, would be a huge deal, and would absolutely be used by the better teams with better coaches. Whereas teams that have a big gap between their starters and their bench players, they can't use that at all. Those teams might be able to get past the group stages and maybe even into the round of 16, but those guys will eventually run out of gas, where as the top teams who have played 3 games as a team as well, but many of their players will have only played 2 games because they were able to sub guys out without losing production.
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Wednesday January 18, 2017 3:31pm

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Was just thinking about this. With 16 groups of 3 (3 games per group) and a USA/Mexico/Canada bid (not a fan of...would rather it just be USA) you can have 16 host cities.
Each city hosts a Group of 3. Would cut down on travel costs big time for fans and teams.
Then 8 cities can host 2 Round of 32 games and the round of 16 games.
4 cities can host the Quarterfinals (1 from Mexico, 1 from Canada, 2 from USA)
2 cities can host the Semifinals (1 Mexico, 1 Canada)
1 city can host the Finals (USA)

Looking at stadiums and cities
DC (FedEx)
NY (MetLife)
Boston (Gilette)
Atlanta (Georgia Dome)
LA (Rose Bowl)
Houston (NRG)
Chicago (Soldier Field)
Philadelphia (Lincoln Financial)
Orlando (Camping World)
Kansas City (Arrowhead)
Mexico City (Azteca)
Guadalajara (Jalisco)
Guadalupe (BBVA Bancomer)
Toronto (Rogers Centre)
Montreal (Olympic Stadium)
Vancouver (BC Place)

The largest stadium is Rose Bowl. I think it should host the Final.
Azteca and Olympic Stadium host Semifinals.
Jalisco, Rogers Centre, Metlife, and FedEx host Quarterfinals.
BBVA, BC Place, Arrowhead, Lincoln Financial, Soldier Field, NRG, Georgia Dome, & Gilette host R32/R16 games.
Camping World hosts 3rd/4th place games.

Every site will host 4 or 5 games.
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