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Tuesday December 6, 2016 6:33pm

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I'm a sucker for technical talk, your game, your technique:

"I focused on checking my shoulders at every point during the game, receiving the ball at an angle," said Roldan.

"All these little things have contributed to the game slowing down for me. Obviously there are times when you struggle and you may lose the ball but now I have a little bit more time to pick up my head, pick out a pass. I definitely feel a little bit less pressure in terms of when a defender is running at me."



..and I'm sure there's TONS of instruction Schmid directed toward Roldan. But whom Roldan credits is another player with experience. I can imagine there's also he a ton he's picked up in his battles with these guys in practice.

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Wednesday December 7, 2016 4:08pm

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on the subject of technique


the story isn't soccer related, but it's about fitness and going "hard"

I wonder, and bear with me on this..

if the en vogue thing to do nowadays is to GO HARD

like a hard thrower in baseball now throws HARD, all the time, and I don't mean velocity per se' but definitely with acurve, a sinker a splitter, he throws it hard to hardest effect, they don't take anything off of it. I remember reading Greg Maddux and him saying in a tight situatoin he woudln't try to throw hard, he would take 10 to 30 percent of the strain in his arm off, like he would try to throw it softer than usual. And I found it interesting, obviously control is important.

But I also think about this GOING HARD phenomenon and how players in soccer are getting hurt more now adays. Yes the schedule is one thing, but how many times in agame you see people flying into tackles, people flying down the flanks, instead of manuevering like George Best. In fact, can someone give me today's equivalent of George Best? I think the only US MNT player that ever reminded me of him would have been Justin Mapp. In terms of style, not effecitvity.

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