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Monday November 14, 2016 7:00pm

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MB isn't the problem, tactically he's the sharpest guy on the field. If anybody understood how to play JK's formation it was MB. The problem is Jones....the combination of the two in the middle is awful. It forces MB into a 6 position to cover for Jones' rogue play. MB isn't a great 6...he can't pull it off against quality teams...he's not a destroyer. He clogs lanes and sheppards attackers into areas of defensive strength.

MB is getting crucified for going into a 50-50 ball...mucking around on it for an eternity and then having it squirt away....where the hell is Jones for that 3-4 seconds? Other were also to blame on that play, but the fact is MB and Jones..... will never work.

Play Cameron shading behind MB and you'll see a big improvement in MB's game.

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Monday November 14, 2016 7:18pm

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I think a break would and could be good, besides level of play one of the main benefits of other leagues is you are never guaranteed a spot, you have to perform in practice day in and day out.

bradley has peaked however he can still very very effective for us, maybe if he fears he is losing his starting spot on the NATS we will step it up.

Think about it, he is a guaranteed starter for his club and the NATs

He has many miles on him, give him a break and try out d william, stanko kitchen

for my money it would be great if CCV could step up soon b.c we could push cameron into the d mid role.
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Monday November 14, 2016 7:19pm

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Wasn't there a long thread on Jones/Bradley and yes they will never work together in think sasha has to start next to Bradley he is a creative player and Jones is not sasha will give more freedom to Bradley and make him much better.

San Jose
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Monday November 14, 2016 7:50pm

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The midfield solution for this cycle is Cam at Dmid...Miazga or CCV need to step up at the RCB. That is the foundation we need to build on.

I like what I saw from Stanko...need to see more...probably the closest skill set to MB...kind of reminds me of MB pre- Aston Villa.

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