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Sunday October 9, 2016 4:31am

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The big game of the year is also the first game of the Hex. This rivalry game has the feel of an early season big time college football game. One loss and you aren't necessarily out of the title picture, but it means you have to play close to perfect after that to have a chance to win. Different sports obviously and draws are allowed in soccer (a win for Mexico in reality), but the pressure is on to get a result in Columbus for both teams. Especially with a tough road game following just after in Costa Rica, this is a game we have to win. It all does seem a little disjointed at the minute for both teams entering the cycle, but I have faith in the USA stalwarts that are Cameron, Bradley and Altidore. Those three are a good spine of the team up the middle heading into qualifying. That's a good thing to have at the moment because theoretically these games are our toughest home game and second toughest road game, or vice versa depending on who you think is better, Mexico or Costa Rica. The crowd will carry us and our defense will clean up. 2-0 USA.

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Sunday October 9, 2016 10:29am

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I think the biggest key will be that our fragile starters, jozy, fab, and brooks, are all healthy and in form. The three of them need to get in a good rhythm and play 75-90' each week from here on out. Hopefully cp gets some minutes as well to stay sharp.

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Sunday October 9, 2016 11:57am

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US Vs. Mex is always a touchy match. Playing them at home to begin the hex at home is going to be a difficult start. The good news is that it's going to be played in cold weather with a pro USA crowd in Columbus.

As always the defense is going to be key to our success in this game. Fabian, Brooks, & Cameron are locks so long as they're healthy. RB is likely to be Yedlin, but he needs to get more game time at Newcastle otherwise Chandler may slip into the starting spot. IMO Howard gets this game since Guzan isn't seeing minutes at the club level. Being in form is important and Howard is more inform at this point.

Midfield is going to be interesting. We all know that Bradley is a lock, but who else is going to be there? If healthy I'd expect Jones & Bedoya (experience matters in this game). Pulisic is likely the 4th midfielder but I could also see him saved and used as a sub with someone like Zusi getting the start (Not my preference, but can see it happen). Kljestan or Williams will get the nod if Jones isn't healthy enough. Williams if we're going to start out more defensively.....Kljestan if we're going to take it to Mex from the start. I expect Nagbe & Green to be bench options.

Up top it's clear that Jozy & Wood are the preferred partnership. Their backups should be interesting though. Morris, ArJo, and/or Agudelo would be my preferred bench guys, but I expect JK to give Wondo a roster spot.

This is what JK would like the starting XI to be:


Question will be if they'll be healthy enough.

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Sunday October 9, 2016 1:24pm

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With Dempsey out, who has been a key player for the last years, we will need a lot from the others for this game. It is important to get the 3 points and for once i am not the confident like the other times. Maybe because Brooks is quick to get injured. Maybe cause deuce is gone. Altidore and his hamstring. Fabjo ive never really counted on as an attacker cause he disappears and in defense he seems uninterested many times. I know people will hate this but for the mental aspect against the mexicans, i would call Landon. Every one knows he will not be there. Mexicans know that. But then you throw them off their mental game if he is. That's already two mental issues they have to deal with. The Columbus scenario is the first and best. And in sports, once you are winning the mental game, it's hard to come back from it.

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Sunday October 9, 2016 2:02pm

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Welp, the replies to the above comment should be entertaining.

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Sunday October 9, 2016 2:10pm

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@live- God damn just let the deer die after the car hit it....

We still have a month to go and this upcoming month is important for players to stay in form as @msantoine and @dave just said. Don't be so quick to say Guzan won't play. He's gotten some games and Valdez is an injury or mistake (likely) from coming out of the lineup. Having said that, Tim Howard is a vocal leader and a great organizer of the back line. The type of player to put it all out there for potentially his last USA v Mexico... As just said by others, unless there is an injury, it seems the forwards and defenders are locks:

Fab, Brooks, Cam, Yedlin
Howard (Guzan)

***** but what should the midfield look like?? I would go the opposite way and say I'm not sure Klestjan has done enough to start. The first key to beating Mexico is to frustrate them and win 50-50 challenges. Sacha is a good player for the attack, but playing him in midfield with Bradley is too soft, and will give the Mexicans more time on the ball we don't want them having. He could sub in if need be. The same goes for Pulisic, who I prefer as an attacking sub as well.

Similarly, many of Mexicos team in similar positions appear set: guys like Reyes and Moreno, Layun, Chicharito are locks but their midfield is mostly up for grabs... It's very odd to see the two power teams sort of looking shaky. Costa Rica must be licking their chops this cycle.

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Sunday October 9, 2016 9:20pm

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Original post from tylercocinas

Welp, the replies to the above comment should be entertaining.

There's really no need to reply to it. He knows how stupid that sounded.
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Sunday October 9, 2016 9:45pm

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Speaking of Costa Rica they looked really good in their win at Russia. So is a must win vs Mexico because I doubt were gonna win in Costa Rica a draw would be a great result a win would be Historic.

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Monday October 10, 2016 12:14am

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Original post from admsghs27

Speaking of Costa Rica they looked really good in their win at Russia. So is a must win vs Mexico because I doubt were gonna win in Costa Rica a draw would be a great result a win would be Historic.

The strategy of all teams in the CONCACAF Hex has been to win their Home games and try and grab a couple points on the road. Winning all home games gives you 15 pts, and everyone who's gotten 19 pts. or higher has qualified for the WC. Costa Rica is a good team...especially when they have their # 1 keeper, but are still beatable.

Our record against hex opponents during qualification....
Mexico: 6w - 15L - 6d
Costa Rica: 6w - 9L - 3d
Honduras: 5w - 2L - 1d
Trinadad: 12w - 1L - 3d
Panama: 5w - 0L - 1d

We should expect full points against T&T, Panama, & Honduras which should give us 18 pts and secure advancement to the WC in Russia. If we split points with Mex & CR we'd challenge for the top of the table. The Hex can be a challenge, but we have the players that we should still qualify fairly easily.

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Monday October 10, 2016 1:49am

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Expect full points vs T&T, Panama, and Honduras? @Dave- that's ridiculous. Considering we just drew T&T in Port of Spain this cycle, lost I believe last cycle in Honduras (precipitating the dropping of Bocanegra / Brian Strauss column, etc), and then there was the craziness of the last game in Panama City, which could've gone either way. I think you may be expecting too much there... Yes, we should beat those teams at home and then say 4-7 points on the road. The reason Tonto and I mentioned Costa Rica is because they have just as much experience as the USA or Mexico do. They could easily beat T&T in game 1 looking to do what they normally do in San Jose, which is beat the USA.

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Monday October 10, 2016 1:51am

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Probable starting 11 and 23:


Yes I have Howard starting.

Subs: Horvath, Guzan, Chandler, Besler, Birnbbaum, Williams, Kitchen, Nagbe, Morris, Green, Agudelo, Arriola

Alternates: Yarbrough, Acosta, Stanko, Gooch, Boyd, Rubin

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Monday October 10, 2016 3:08am

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It'll be fun. Columbus is a crazy atmosphere. No green white and red anywhere. I'll be nervous but that's with any USA-Mexico match.

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Monday October 10, 2016 10:55am

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I feel pretty confident in a win or a tie barring injuries. The team is looking pretty solid over the last few months. But losing to mehico isn't a big deal. The bad thing about losing isn't really the getting zero points part. It's giving 3 points to someone else. You don't want to lose to Costa Rica, Honduras, or Panama. T&t are shit so who cares about them. No need to worry about mehico. Now fuck yeah on home soil we better beat those murderers and rapists.

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Monday October 10, 2016 12:49pm

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Lol hamm did you say tonto? You know spanish? Lmao dude! You made my day.

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Monday October 10, 2016 12:50pm

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And shut up you nerd! Dunloppy.

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