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Wednesday October 5, 2016 2:25pm

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Msantione yeah we are only very briefly off.

If they do seeded it will almost assuredly be the top ranked teams by the FIFA. (which will mostly be UEFA and Conmebol but one of the Concacaf teams will be there Mexico, CR, and USA are usually ranked higher than some of those UEFA/Conmebol teams). But I'm sure they will have it to where UEFA can't play UEFA and Conmebol can't play Conmebol (which is what I did).

I'm sure they would also have it to where the play-in games would automatically be slotted into a specific group. (They wouldn't draw them in afterwards I don't think).

So it would be something like:
Group A: Host Country, Automatic Qualifier, Play-in Game 1 Winner, Play-in Game 2 winner
Group B: AQ, AQ, Play-in 3 winner, Play-in 4 winner

They would stagger the Groups so that no more than 2 UEFA countries are in any 1 group.

On the other hand I could also see it being something like Concacaf, AFC, and CAF only have 1 AQ.
So that would be 3, add in the Host and that is 4. Then have 4 from Conmebol and 8 from UEFA that are automatic Qualifiers.

Then have for the 32:
OFC - 1
AFC - 6
CAF - 7
Concacaf - 5
Conmebol - 3
UEFA - 10

Give UEFA a higher Automatic number, but then you don't seed the 32 they are just completely drawn (no limit on teams from the same confederation being drawn together).
Would give UEFA a potential 18. They would be happy with that. and it would give the other confederations a chance at more.

Not sure I like that one.

I'd actually prefer something that has the teams that are traditionally ranked in the top 32 from outside the UEFA/Conmebol as Automatic Qualifers (IE if Concacaf has 3 that are usually ranked high, then they would have 3 AQ's). No Confed would have less than 1 AQ (except OFC).

Concacaf - 3
AFC - 2
CAF - 1
Conmebol - 4
UEFA - 6

That way the best from each confederation will be guaranteed a spot. Then fill in the 32:
OFC - 1
Concacaf - 2
AFC - 4
CAF - 7
Conmebol - 4
UEFA - 14

The trade-off for UEFA would be to have 20 possible spots. This would guarantee the best tournament (personally) with a diverse grouping. But it's highly doubtful.
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Wednesday October 5, 2016 11:05pm

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I say why fix what ain't broke (other than shameless corruption and the occasionally awful host country choices).

But it would be nice to see if the 2nd tier of UEFA & CONMEBOL can beat up on the 2nd tier of CONCACAF, CAF, and ACF.

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Thursday October 6, 2016 11:13am

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I just hate the fact that there will now be (in theory) would be 48 teams that can say they qualified for the world cup. Even though in reality they lost there playin game. Its like with college basketball expanding to have 68 teams. An extra 4 teams get to say they made the tourney.

My vote would be for no expansion but if its inevitable I'd prefer to see the 8 groups of 5 and leave the knockout rounds as is. Makes it harder to qualify for knockout rounds and each team gets the same number of games.

With this 48 team proposal (again I mentioned I applaud the outside of the box thinking but not a fan) there are so many more potential problems. Do cards count towards suspensions? Now the teams that play the play in game will be more likely to have guys miss games due to suspension. Then theres the fatigue factor. If you only play a couple of days before the group stage then by your 3rd or 4th game you'll likely be more gassed then your opponent. Throw in the fact that assuming its the week before the actual world cup games and those teams will likely actually travel a week earlier than that to have some friendlies. I think the allure of saying everyone is a winner could have some unintended consequences, and could unbalance the part that makes the tourney great, everyone having a fair shot (see Turkey, Uruguay, Cameroon, Croatia, etc)

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