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Monday August 1, 2016 3:39pm

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Pulisic was getting reasonable minutes as a super-sub last season. I think he will stick with that role this season until there's an injury. I don't see him getting loaned out.

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Monday August 1, 2016 4:33pm

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We are starting to develop a decent pool of good young players in Europe. While there is no guarantee that these players will ever reach the potential they've shown, the more we have the greater the probability that some will help the USMNT become a team that could challenge the world powers. It will likely take another 4 yrs, but things look promising on that front...
Wood (28), Gyau (27), Green (25), Rubin (24), Gooch (24), Akale (23), Wright (22), Perez (22), Lennon (22), Pulisic (21)
Kitchen (28), Canouse (25), Hyndman (24), Zelalem (23), Senora (23), De La Torre (22), Scott (22)
Yedlin (27), Brooks (27), Miazga (25), Payne (24), EPB (23), Olosunde (22), Barbir (22), CCV (22), Fossey (21)

We appear to be light at outside back positions & Keeper right now, but otherwise things look good for future USMNT players in Europe. Hopefully with help from MLS and MFL we can fill any gaps we may still be missing.

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Monday August 1, 2016 6:58pm

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Dave, Good thing about Keeper is you only need 1. Only 1 can play and they rarely are injured. We have 2 in Horvath and Steffen that are big time prospects. (horvath is a bit more than a prospect at this point).
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