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Sunday June 26, 2016 4:42pm

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Original post from stoked3

Overall you have to be pleased with the overall place but sad that we didn't show better in our loss to Arg. We were going to lose. I am a JK supporter to some extent. I would have loved to have morris on the roster and williams.

The lineup stunk against Arg but J.k didn't play, the players all laid eggs.

Tonight, I thought they played well, the outplayed Columbia. I thought Bardes played well, better than Bedoya.

Bradley is good except when he plays against top 15 teams. He played well tonight.

Woods better start over Jozy.

Morris needs to be included.

How about that tackle from Pulisic, he constantly took on players was in the right spot, he needed to play more, same with Nagbe.

Kitchen, who knows, he should have played bc at this point.

Beckerman, wondo, orozco, zusi should be done. I can see j.k bringing in Zusi but we need the young guns to take over.

Wood Morriss
Johnson Nagbe Bradley Pulisic

Besler Brooks Cameron Yedlin

Subs: Jermain, Dempsey in the 60th min, kitchen, Agudelo,

They looked really good. I thought we were the better team.

By the way, they're ranked 3rd so much for your theory on Bradley.

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Sunday June 26, 2016 5:12pm

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Yes he would. I honestly do. Montero is so inconsistent. He played good half a season. He didnt do anything great in MX either. Dempsey was great for more than half a season in England unlike montero. Since when has language been a barrier? That's one of the stupidest thing anyone has said. The American public shouldn't play a role. I mean, they've kept JK so long. The American public, majority, have wanted him out. Hasnt made a difference.

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Sunday June 26, 2016 9:20pm

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Original post from dunlopp9987

Ecuador....Ecuador is a better team than us. But we won.

Challenge accepted and met.

You do know we were favorites to win that game. If Ecuador would of won it would of been an upset.

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Sunday June 26, 2016 11:49pm

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Original post from admsghs27

You do know we were favorites to win that game. If Ecuador would of won it would of been an upset.

How is #13 beating #31 an upset?? We had an advantage of home field and crowd. Totally different from being favorites.

I'm sick of your bitching and downing the US even when they play well. Please find another team and get the hell off YA! Criticism is one thing but cheering that we lose is another.

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